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Then his hands dropped below.
Spreading the buttocks, one finger of each hand penetrated to the woman in the ass and began to fuck her.
Natalya Petrovna from such caresses howled, and slapping herself heavily on the bottom of the pope, so that

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traces of her palms remained on her, curled up in convulsions of the orgasm that engulfed her.

– Well done baby, well done Seryozhenka !! – Natalya whispered, grabbing all the new waves of orgasm, rolls on her while the guy, continuing the movements of the pelvis and fingers fucking her.
Finally they stopped.
A woman who has received a long orgasm, kissed her master.
She knew that the guy should get his share of the pleasure wanted to do it in anal form.
Standing and standing on the couch, she turned her back on him.
And at that moment she felt like spreading the buns of her priests boyfriend began to lick the anal hole.
She liked it very much, and she began to move her booty, enjoying the game of the boy’s tongue.
When Natalya Petrovna felt that her hole was ready, she abruptly, with wild speed, lowered her booty on a proudly sharpening tool.
It happened so quickly that the member instantly disappeared in the pope, and both of the pain that swept over them loudly screamed and lost consciousness.
Gradually, the pain subsided and now the woman slowly masturbating her pussy began to move the booty on the guy’s penis, who screamed wildly from the sensations of high and sweet pain.
Natalia liked the fact that she could deliver such unearthly bliss to such a young man, continued to move on him.
At that moment the door to the office opened slightly, and the head of the shop’s security looked in.

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Apparently it seemed to him that what was happening on the territory entrusted to him, he decided to find out something wrong.
He went into the office and went to a couple making love.
Natalya Petrovna and Sergey were so excited and wanted sex that they did not stop for a second, continuing to fuck.
The security chief unzipped his pants and pulled out a member.
Looking at the copulate, he began to masturbate him.
The woman nodded to show that he would come closer and now the member of the guard is in her mouth.
He quickly got up and gained strength.
The security chief began to fuck Sergei Natalia’s sitting ass on Sergey’s dick, who was caressing her clit with one hand, while the other was jerking a member of the man standing in front of her, who in turn crushed her breasts.
Then he pulled his cock out of his mouth and sat down in a sharp movement, drove him into Natalia Petrovna’s pussy on the very balls, and began furiously fucking the woman.
From the pleasure of getting in two holes a woman went crazy and jumped, forgetting herself and closing her eyes wildly moaning.
And now Sergey has already felt how an orgasm hits him, finished right in Natalia’s ass, filling her insides with warmth, from which she also finished.
The woman, relaxed, lay down on the guy, basking in his arms and feeling kisses on his back.
The security chief took out his penis from the commodity’s pussy and began to jerk him off and finish sperming the pretty breasts and belly of the woman.
When all three of them caught their breath, the woman, having dressed and kissed the men on the lips, said that you are super boys, it’s a pity that no one looked into the office any more, that is.
at the last second she wanted a third.
On that men said that tomorrow will lead the third and even fourth.
“It will be tomorrow, and go for it today.
And you, Pavel, please invite me to the storekeeper’s office.
“The men looked at each other and left the office::
Punishment – thoughts – the solution.
Sergey Vladimirovich, the general director of the Alexander and K company, spoke in an absolutely impassive voice.
Two young women, employees of his company, stood in front of his table.
They stood with their heads low and biting their lips. Naked teen live cam.

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