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This disassembled device was already in the bathroom in the morning, warning Seryozha about an upcoming enema.
In that form it did not work and now it had to act in a ready state.
– It is clear that you do not want, – mother agreed, – but you will lie down a bit on my knees and you even want to.

Mom smiled at her joke, and my sister also burst out laughing.
– Let’s quickly remove the pants and zagolit ass, – said the mother, intercepting the son of her daughter.
Holding his hand with one hand, his mother with the other unbuttoned the buttons on his trousers, and Katya quickly lowered his pants with his pants down, so Serezha had no choice but to lift one leg first and then the other, and be without his pants with bare booty, to which all the aspirations of the mother and sister were directed.
Katya for the first time participated in the formulation of an enema to her brother.
Usually, my mother gave them enemas one by one, especially without hiding, but not very much advertising it.
In the morning, my mother warmed the hose and hung them in the bathroom.
Who was intended enema was known in advance: someone from the home, seeing the unit in the bathroom, asked for whom he was, and the name of the victim became known.
Enema mother put after work, but before the arrival of the pope, so as not to create unnecessary inconvenience.
She put on a light robe, poured water and on the way to their bedroom, chosen as the place of infusion, called the child, who was to take the tip in the ass, and then the water. Naked women live chat.

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