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He lay down on a lounger on his back, putting his hands under his head, letting Igor understand that the volunteer patient is ready for tests.
– Oooh! Sasha! Now I understand why the surgeon examined you additionally.
After all, you # have a search for such a size that it is just right to envy a mature peasant pornakteru! The same is necessary! With your total adolescence, low body level, you don’t take a great interest in sports, and you probably don’t even do morning exercises, you have a great advantage over other boys! And believe me, the girls will not be able to resist you, if they know about your peculiarity! I personally take patronage over you – and from this day I will, if possible, introduce you to many of the girls in my circle.

I swear to you on this! I had no choice but to accept this kind of compliment in silence.
Well, what’s next? Everything went as smoothly as possible and close to my script! We made mutual measurements and tests, talked about such sacred topics that I didn’t even dare to dream of in my night dreams.
My life has changed since that day.
We became friends, Igor and I had a common circle of interests.
I must say, Igor’s prophetic words about my popularity in women’s circles were justified by one hundred percent! In addition, he drew me to the daily activities in the pool, with all his strength he tried to make me more attractive and sexy.

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In the summer, we often went to the nature in his parents ‘car, not forgetting to grab

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a couple of girls’ acquaintances at the same time.
And in general, we became friends “do not spill water”. Together we entered the same university – we studied in the same institute group.
After graduation, they matured, settled down, and by the age of 30 they had families and children.
And what happened between us in the radio room of the school radio station – remained our “skeleton in the closet” – and we never let slip our wives – and we are not going to.
Then I heard her coming up from behind and then she slapped me on the pope, just like last time.
I froze, feeling like excitement rushed up, then her hands became strong, economically kneading my ass, and I stood obediently and doing nothing, more and more giving in to my excitement.
Moreover, I put my hands on the window sill, making it easier for Irka to access my pope.
But Irka did not stop, she persistently spread her legs with my legs to the side, and pressed the sphincter with her finger, pressed and stopped, giving apparently enjoy herself with such a victory over those who fucked her in the ass just 10 minutes ago.
Then abruptly introduced in the ass this finger, it was so unexpected that I sank, and even somehow.
girlish voice, Irka without stopping to start fucking me, immediately it became warm in the groin and I groaned, quietly, but she heard everything, and only increased the speed of the finger. New lesbian hidden cam.

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