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Before covering the girls’ charms with ribbons, I admired her intimate lips for a moment: the dark pink petals delicately curved, barely touching each other, and gleaming with moisture.
The cool ribbon slid along them, rolling down to the floor, and Natasha started to noticeably shudder.
October was more fun to shoot: Natasha was bent under the streams of ribbons, as if taking a shower, and Max was trying to find a good angle.

I had to stand on a stool in the shade and tape streams of water.
I did not have time to look at Natasha, but she could see me completely, especially in the belt area, so I tried to suppress my excitement as best I could.
When Max finally found a perspective in which Natashkin’s cute ass looked the most attractive, and took the last pictures, I jumped off the stool and began to collect randomly fallen ribbons on my knees.
At the same time, she was in no hurry to help me: on the contrary, she suddenly stood in front of me and asked for a half-whisper.
I looked up and turned my eyes to its black striped.
He changed his mind, looked up higher and mentally outlined the hemispheres of the breasts hanging over me.
Once again I changed my mind and looked into her eyes: What did you say? Mmm, when will you do it? – she seemed embarrassed.
– Well, as with Svetka.
How did you guess? She laughed.
Why, there is such a smell of semen that even the Queen of England will guess.
And Sveta all shining flew out, as after a good fuck.
– the word stuck in my throat, because I did not know what to say and what to do next.
Natasha suddenly took a step forward and her tender womb touched my face.
I instinctively breathed deeply the magical smell of a girl’s body.
Then he raised his hands, squeezed Natashkin’s palms in his hands, and pressed her hips closer to himself, buried his face in them.

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The black strip tickled my nose, my lips kissed the very top of her intimate lips, and my hands crushed her tender and velvety girlish buttocks.
Natasha put her hands on my hair and stroked my head.
I covered all her pubis with kisses, listening to how her breathing was interrupted by each touch of my hot lips.
Her fingers wandered in my hair.
I let go of her sweet ass and put her palms up her chest to her chest, still continuing to kiss the girl’s triangle.
Slightly crumpled soft, graceful breasts in the palms and felt the nipples.
Strongly outlined them with his fingers, and then he squeezed, feeling with pleasure how they swell a little stronger in my hands.
I squeezed the tender girlish breasts and kissed this open and trustful pubis, forgetting everything.
Suddenly, my hands were driven out by someone else’s palms: Max approached Natasha from behind, grabbed her hemisphere in his hands and began to kiss her neck and shoulders.
I put my hands on her buttocks and took them up again.
Max eventually turned Natasha around, merging with her in a kiss, and I took a moment to undress.
I was excited by a picture of passion: a naked girl, standing with my back to me, embraced and kissed me against a man in jeans and a shirt, tightly gripping her tender buttocks with her rough palms.
At some point, Natasha suddenly pressed herself into Max even more, wrapped her arms around her graceful leg.
My dick was already standing like a stone, and I was exhausted with excitement.
It was not without effort that I took Natasha from Max, turned her around and put her lips to hers: they were wet from kisses, but insanely sweet and responsive to my caresses.
Natasha clung to me, then slightly recoiled, having stumbled across a tummy on a protruding member, and then pressed herself even tighter, giving my hot trunk a bit of coolness in her body.
picked her up and carried her to our sofa.
He put his ass on the wide armrest, threw the legs on his shoulders and with pleasure, slowly plunged

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his dick into her deep ooze with hot moisture.
She seemed to me already, than Svetlana, and as if hot inside.
Wet walls seemed to throb, responding to the thrusts of my cock.
The head moved inside, and I distinctly felt all the tenderness and awe of the girl body.
From somewhere, Max appeared, already completely naked, and sat down next to Natasha.
She grabbed his excited trunk, for some time caressed her hands on her testicles and stroked the penis, exposing the head and closing it again. Night camera sex.

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