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Even I no longer dared to remind my husband about the eastern charmer, and when he tried to talk about her himself, he brought the whole conversation down with two phrases “to no.”
After dinner, I gave up our usual evening exercise and went up to my room alone.

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She took a shower and lay down in the dark under a blanket.
Thoughts in my head were confused and it was not immediately possible to put them together.
I couldn’t lie to myself anymore! At the mere recollection of her, my heart sank sweetly and warmed in the lower abdomen.
It was a feeling of being in love.
Cheating yourself was useless.
It was sad, but very light and easy on the soul.
As soon as I received this confession from myself, it became somehow calmer and soon I fell asleep peacefully.
In the dream, I dreamed of oriental caravans, Bedouins riding camels and.
the palm islands that I have not considered! In the morning I woke up and first of all remembered yesterday’s adventure.
I lay there, stretching with my eyes tightly closed, and tried to recall the face of an eastern diva in my memory, but for some reason the image blurred and eluded me.
My husband was not around, apparently he did not wake me up and left for breakfast alone.
I slipped into the shower and put my body under the elastic jets of cool water.
Thoughts revolved around my yesterday sensations.

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I can not say that during the night they remained as strong, but the fact that they did not pass was exactly that.
When I finally wrapped myself in a thick bath robe, got out of the bathroom, on the table in the living room I was waited for by the husband carefully taken to the room for breakfast, a lonely orchid in a thin vase and his note on a thick hotel letterhead with watermarks.
“Sonya! In the morning your face just glowed with happiness.
Apparently, you dreamed of something very good.
I did not dare to wake you.
Waiting for you in an hour by the pool.
Love you.
In the corridor and near the elevators it was crowded.
The anthill-hotel has long awakened and lived its own, idle-carefree life.
I stood next to the others, waiting.
There were too many people in the first cabin and I decided to wait for the second one.
When she came up and the doors smoothly parted to the sides, I stepped forward and stood still, unable to take the second step! I was paralyzed from the beginning, then struck by a discharge of electric current (Or from the beginning I was struck, and then I was paralyzed!).
The legs immediately became wadded and treacherously ceased to obey me.
Someone, noticing my strange standing in the doorway, gently led me under the elbow deep into the cabin.
I obeyed meekly.
Petrified, I stood at the mirror wall and I was separated by half a meter and a thick German in shorts from the object of my desire.
I was afraid to even think to take a look at it and looked at some invisible point in front of me.
She prayed to God only about one thing, so that the elevator would finally stop and we would go in different directions! But the elevator treacherously hesitated, collecting on the floors of new customers.
At one of them, a large group of young people joined the booth with grunt and noise, and we were literally flattened, practically pressed together. Online sex video in youtube.

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