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I straightened the panties so that the sponges hung from the hole in the panties pulled them higher, so that my pussy puffed out and stuck between the long white satin legs in stockings.
When I sat down in front of the dressing table, I let my eyes down and made up the lips with the brightest lipstick that I never used — it’s amazing how women change their makeup — a decent girl — and suddenly she looks at herself in the mirror with enthusiasm and lust! I took a bottle of grass lotion from alcohol on the table, moistened cotton wool with widespread legs and looked in the mirror, carefully wiped all the folds of my sweet fucking hole, pleading from the pleasant tingling of the lotion, as if imbibed the fiery moisture I swelled and started to burn , and as if intoxicated.
With the same fleece, I took the ointment from my nipples and rubbed them to shine – they swelled and glistened, as if made of red marble.

Having stuffed a fleece with the remnants of a loin in the pussy closer to the clitoris, I began to tie up the Sisi with an elastic bandage.
I tied them tightly, a cross to a cross, wrapped around each one and fastened a bandage below the waist, so that the breasts would stretch a little.
My pride, my sisi instantly swelled up, filled with blood and stood up, shifting the bandages up, I pulled the bandage down a little to tighten and lower my breasts.
Then I took two large clothespins from the table and attached them to the nipples.
I stood in front of the mirror and bent forward and shook my boobs from side to side.
After playing with the pussy, I took off the bandages and sisechki relieved to take their old form, becoming, however, a little softer and a little more saggy, but did not lose my perfect shape.

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I hitched to the clothespins on the weight and Sisi again sweetly pulled off.
I played with them, shook them from side to side, jumped in front of the mirror, enjoying my view and feeling that my writing about desire was about to explode.
I got up and went for a walk around the apartment in search of a subject that will replace me today a big male dick and with which I will fuck myself before the cry.
Having found a long and thick eggplant, I put a condom on it and tried to put it in my pussy, but it was too thick for me – my greedy cunt wanted to get more than it could fit.
Returning to the room, I sat down over the chair and holding the eggplant with both hands began to stick myself on it.
The pussy was sore, but I started pulling my clitoris with a bristle hair brush and my slimey pussy-bitch took pity on me so that the eggplant slipped inside.
I waited a bit until the vagina would take such a big gift and tugging at the nipples that were extended from the weights, I began to ride on the chair, pushing the eggplant into myself and pulling it out with juicy squish.
Tired, I walked around the apartment in eggplant in my pussy, went to the kitchen, drank wine, calmed the swollen clitoris with a piece of ice, because I didn’t want to finish right away.
Returning to the room, she lay down on the bed and slowly began to fuck herself, like the most gentle lover of her beloved pussy.
I finished, I moaned, rubbed my swollen nipples on a hard bedspread, sucked my thumb, like a man’s dick.
and then came the long-awaited bliss and some romantic mood.
🙂 Having picked up the traces of the orgy with myself, I climbed

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into bed and thinking about whether I gave pleasure to my master and how great his reward would be tomorrow, I fell asleep sweetly.
Everything in the story is true.
Except my beloved master.
Maybe they will be you.
The mere thought of new births turned me on, but I needed to do something, I cannot give birth to genetics for this all my life.
Now, after giving birth, I have become a bit slimmer, yet my baby took away some of the weight from me.
However, the boobs were the same, big with huge nipples.
Ass also remained large, I was told that my pelvis was very wide, before the birth, so this is for life.
I began to suffer, I can not be a cow at the institute.
With my experiences, I turned to Nina.
She nursed her puppies in her room, breastfed them and thought about the names, while they were small and silly, but they definitely felt where their “mother” was. Phim sex online free.

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