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Having received the possession of the office, I begged the head doctor this back room.
Garbage thrown away.
The walls are painted.

I brought a sofa, a TV, a couple of chairs and made myself a rest room.
Meeting with lovers was easy to arrange – it was enough to invite one of them at the end of the reception.
After the end of the working day my rest room turned into a green place.
In the corner there was a decommissioned gynecological chair.
It remained for me, in fact, only to comfortably position the next lover of anal massage on the armrests of the chair and his ass hospitably opened up to meet my fellow.
After that, we began a slow-moving process, as a result of which the sperm from the testicles of one man standing in front of the chair moved into the anus of the other one lying in the chair. Phone cam sex video.

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