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After a couple of minutes we finished together and I lay down next to my sister.
For a few minutes we lay silently.
– You’re just a clever, – said Olesya.

I turned on my side and looked at my sister.
“Now it’s time for a smoke break,” I said.
– You will go? – No, go alone.
I pulled on my pants and went to the kitchen.
Smoking quietly, I thought about the continuation of the evening, but Olesya, very excited, ran into the kitchen.
“Put your clothes on faster,” she cried, “the mother called, said she would come in about forty minutes.”
I ran to the gym and quickly got dressed.
Naked little sister cleaned the room, then we sorted out together in the kitchen, opened all the air vents and sat in the room.
– Well, what should I do now? – I asked my sister – how to go home?

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I drank it.
Oleska put on her panties, pulled on her pantyhose and put on her bra.
“We’ll think of something now,” she said, “I told my mother that my girlfriend was now, so we went outside.”
Sister put on jeans, shoes, pulled on a narrow blouse, threw on a jacket and we went out into the yard.
Hiding in the archway, we waited for Aunt Tanya and Masha.
I lit a cigarette and stood in front of my sister.
– Well, what’s next? – I said, – I sleep in the car? – Not ssy, – Olesya said quietly, – everything will be fine.
You yourself once said that our relationship will be very extreme, the way it is, and it excites me very much.
– That which excites is good, but I need to spend the night somewhere.
Olesya thought for a minute.
I looked at her and waited for her to say.

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“She invented,” her sister said happily, “the girl lives in the next entrance, has recently divorced her husband, now she often drinks and fucks everyone.
I’ll call her now.
Oleska got the phone and dialed the number.
After talking with that girl for a couple of minutes, she put the phone in her pocket and, smiling, looked at me.
“Well, that’s it,” said the sister, “now you have where to sleep.”
At this time, a car drove up to the entrance and Aunt Tanya and Masha got out.
“Well, I went,” said Oleska, “you will call the forty-eighth apartment and say that from me.”
We kissed, and my sister went home.
I waited until they entered the porch, and headed for the second porch.
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