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And although I had never done anything like this before, I was not afraid of anything.
I was pleased to please Alina.
And I was also glad that Alina said that I would still enjoy, so this meeting is not the last.

Alina pushed her panties aside and my lips pressed against soft, moist and hot flesh.
Immediately I added my tongue to my lips.
Her juice flowed into my mouth.
I was pleased and tasty.
I tried my best.
I immediately fell in love with it.
Alina stroked my head, said something, but I did not hear.
Apparently due to the lack of experience, I did not feel Alina’s orgasm approaching, and for this reason it happened to me suddenly.
She pressed my head tightly against her crotch and literally drowned me in her moisture.
And in this stream I clearly discerned a short but hot and brackish stream.
Alina was described a little when finished.
And again it did not upset me, but on the contrary, added pride in myself, for the fact that I was able to give her such pleasure.
I squatted and looked into her eyes.
Like a little dog waiting for a command.

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swallowed what you got in your mouth?” She asked.
I understood what she meant exactly her urine.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Get up and get dressed,” she said.
I quickly performed everything.
We left the toilet and went to the club.
A little before him, Alina led me into the bushes and said: “I want to write.”
I realized what I had to do, and again squatted in front of her.
“You obey me like a slave,” she said.
It was not a question.
It was rather a demand-sentence to become her slave.
But it was not difficult for me to agree with this, since I already felt that I was her slave.
And squatting in front of her, I said, “I am your slave.”
And you know, it’s one thing to feel yourself a slave, and it’s quite another to say it out loud in front of your mistress.

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From that moment on, I stopped being afraid at all.
I had a Mistress who will decide everything for me, and all I need is obedience and pleasure.
Pleasure and joy to belong to the Lady is the best there is.
Alina Zadrala hem, again moved her panties to the side and said: – “Press strongly strongly so that not one drop is lost.
I will write in portions so that she can calmly swallow, but then you will have to learn to pass it straight down your throat, because it is difficult to write in portions.
“I pressed my mouth to her urethra and waited.
I could feel her straining as she urinated toward the entrance.
And the first trickle.
She struck in the palate, but I deftly worked her tongue and sent it to her throat and swallowed it.
I was completely not embarrassed by a hundred, I drink someone else’s urine.
For me, the main thing was not to shed a drop.
The second trickle was bigger, but I managed it very easily.
The third jet, also a large one, I managed to swallow in three sips, so that it practically did not linger in my mouth.
Alina noticed this and praised me.
“Now let’s try a longer one,” she said.
The fourth trickle was twice as long as the third, but I managed easily.
“Well, can I pee quietly already?” She asked.
I nodded.
Alina wrote about a minute, and I never choked.
And when she finished, I carefully licked everything.
Alina led herself into strand.
I took a few steps away, and I continued to squat.
I am a slave and I have not been allowed to get up yet.
I saw that Alina liked it.
She let me go.
We met her in Moscow in three days.
I think I’ll introduce myself first.
My name is Alice.
I just turned 18 years old, and even this morning I was a virgin.
I study at school, and just today I was supposed to go to the prom night.
The weather was excellent – twenty-five degrees, a light breeze was blowing.
Waking up in a superb mood, I began to prepare for graduation from the very morning.
Unable to endure, I immediately ran to try on my outfit, which was bought specially for this holiday: a red dress that barely covered my rounded buttocks, stockings and black high-heeled shoes.
I specifically chose this clothes to attract the attention of my classmates because I wanted to be the center of attention today.
In addition, I go red so! My friends always envied my appearance – a tall, slim figure, elegant long legs with moderately plump hips, round ass, elastic third-size breast and a pretty face, as always I was told, with blue lips and plump lips eyes and bright blond hair.
So, I was going and suddenly realized that all my underwear shines through the dress.
At ten o’clock in the morning all the shops are usually closed, and it was very difficult to buy something.
But there was one more option – the market. Private sex online.

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