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Real life webcam sex.
Judging by the face of Sashuni, he was fine.
I felt that his penis was tense and he was about to finish, but I didn’t want to finish so quickly.
Suddenly he stopped abruptly, Sanya pushed me away, pulled off my breeches along with his underpants (which were in my St. George ribbon) and began to develop my sphincter to fit his GIANT.

He quickly pulled out a jar of oil from the table and began introducing fingers one by one, until there was only a thumb outside.
Sharply stretching out his hand, he turned me with cancer and drove it into me, very hard drove it, and so I cried out in pain.
But soon the pain grew into pleasure and began to make movements in time with him.
I was on the verge of bliss.
and when Sashunchik took me by my dick and pounded him, I instantly finished, slapped my stomach and his blanket.
After a couple of minutes, I felt Sasha pouring into my rectum.
THIS was so DIVINE !!! but soon he took out his penis and quickly pulled on his shorts, but I stayed upside down, my ass up so that sperm would not flow out of my hole, but it was so much that it filled me completely and slowly filled me.
Suddenly Sanya became very serious and asked to forget what was happening here and threw my panties in my face.
I was very upset and quickly put on my underpants and ran away, taking my clothes with me.

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The next day, Sanya called me and asked to meet.
I wanted to refuse, but he really insisted and I agreed.
But about this in the next story.
Thanks for attention!
I started to fuck with guys already at the age of 14, and I immediately liked it.
I immediately realized that I want a dick and sperm! And then somehow I went to the dispensary.
I was settled in a room with a guy named Sergei.
In the evening we went to the disco and realized that the women in this race were either before 12 or after 50.
Of course, I immediately thought that the competition was small, but how could I help Seryoga to fuck me !? We returned to the room a little chat and went to bed.
In the morning I woke up before Seryoga.
It was summer and we slept without blankets.
The current is here.
In the morning I saw Seryoga’s standing member and realized that I just had to suck him, it was the right moment to show who I am.
I walked over to Seryogina’s bed and knelt beside me, gently lowering his panties.
There was a real handsome man! I immediately drooling and I gently licked this beautiful dick! Seryoga twisted in his sleep and I began to swallow his dick until he woke up.
He moaned in his sleep, and I sucked.
It was something! When Seryoga finished, I looked at him and saw

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that he was no longer asleep.
Are you a fagot? He asked me.
Yes, I am a passive slut and if you want I will serve you whenever you want! He said nothing and left us to wash.
During the day he was silent, and in the evening he said You would be my whore until the end of the race and you would do everything I said! Do you understand? That’s what I wanted.
He lowered his pants and I knelt down and began to suck his dick.
He finished violently and plentifully! I barely had time to swallow.
After that, he put a dick in my mouth and pee! Well now you are a whore! Real life webcam sex.

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