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The decision came by itself.
I calmed down, once again weighed my possibilities.
As it should, I moistened the ring of my anus with saliva and opened the door to the hall.

Polkash flew into the room like a whirlwind and jumped at me from the crackdown.
Lordi continued to breathe heavily, sticking his tongue out, phlegmatically pumping me with the contents of his eggs and paying no attention to Polkash.
Polkash, as usual, saddled my girlfriend’s croup, already massaging my ass with the edge of his dignity, trying to enter.
Wishing to help my dear gentleman, with my hands, as wide as I could, I pushed my buttocks apart, sat down impaled on Lordika, and Polkasha managed to enter me.
Oh! His pressure was hurricane! His steel dick hammered the ass, massaging Lordik’s powerful knot, then I felt that Polkashin’s knot began to grow inexorably.

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But Lordik was already in me, I felt that Polkashi’s inexorably growing knot had rested against the inside of the anus ring, but in vain, my ass, as usual, firmly gripped the base of Polkashi’s member without leaving him the slightest opportunity to leave me, and there was nothing left for him how to win the space within their woman from Lordika.
I felt that the Lordik knot, under the pressure of the growing Polkashi knot, began to move further inside the vagina, because of which the Member Lordik already by 7 centimeters penetrated the uterus and pulled it.
Despite the impressive length of the base of the member Lordi, his knot was already so deep in me that we were firmly pressed to each other by the backs.
Finally, the Polkashi knot stopped growing, pushing the Lordik knot so far inside of me that the member of Lordick pulled the uterus and the vagina itself so that the entrance to my pussy narrowed to the limit around the member of Lordik, and my butt only tightened the pulsating base of Polkashi.

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I was in the strongest castle with a dog.
Then I realized that with all my desire I would not be able to unclean myself with Lordik, since his knot was firmly sealed in me by the knot of Polkashi, and all three of us were at the mercy of Polkashina with a powerful erection for the next half hour.
The realization that thanks to Polkashe and I were first in the real castle in Lordik, plunged me into a crushing orgasm.
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