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And he doesn’t say a word again until we see them again, walking innocently enough ahead.
After such an exciting walk, we return to the house.
Mom looks very preoccupied, but ultimately gives the impression of having come to a final decision, because she tells Ellen to go to her room, and both boys, as she called us, ask to go out and have some fun for an hour.

It is during this period of time that Harry retells his interesting conversation with his cousin, which will be discussed below.
And what I learned from him about Ellen’s intercourse with her aunt aroused my imagination and strengthened me in the determination to fuck her.
Moreover, I will not have to look for any special case for this, I begin to understand, because everything will be done by herself.
And it was also a pleasure to hear Harry’s confession: I’m sorry that it’s not me who should enjoy my so voluptuously sensual mother.
None of us has any doubt that she will now find the opportunity to enjoy me.
And if there were any, they were decided upon returning home.
Mrs. Dale first, for the sake of pro forma, having kissed her son, and then much more warmly for me, informs us: I wrote to the doctor that you turned out to be such good boys that I would feel very obliged if he would allow my son and my nephew to stay with me up until monday.

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I was also happy to report that my son’s former misbehavior could be forgotten, but it would nevertheless be better if he had a guarantee in the form of such an intelligent and cautious friend whom he found in the doctor’s nephew, and which I am only glad to see.
My uncle, not knowing exactly what follows from this note, agrees.
Naturally, I share her joy, for I understand perfectly well what awaits me – the collapse of my invented virginity.
Mrs. Dale, beaming with joy, tells me: Let me take you right away to where you should sleep.
And I note that this room is apart and hardly adjacent to others and accessible to outsiders.
Here, my dear son, so that you know for the future, you should always call me mom, I hope everything will be comfortable for you and will not disturb you, because you are in a secluded part of the house.
But in case you need it.

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In general, I, before going to bed, will come to see if it is comfortable for you to sleep.
Then she kisses and hugs me warmly.
Let me thank you, – I answer and return her and kisses and hugs, in the most gentle way, but clearly innocently.
She sighs, maybe with regret that she cannot go further at that moment, and then takes me away.
Day, lunch, and evening pass without anything worthy of comment, except that Mrs. Dale often comes out, preoccupied with something.
And so she sits with me on the couch, listening to Ellen’s play; her hand is looking for mine and often gently shakes it.
Harry helps Ellen, which allows me to often lift my head and stretch my lips as if for a kiss in a childish way.
I do not see any refusal to this: she stops her eyes on my mouth, her lips are sensually half-open, but she is clearly afraid to respond to the velvet of her tongue.
She is often shaken and thrilled, and it is obvious to me that she is very excited. Sex live chat gratis.

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