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I also understood this, but I could not accept it.
I just wanted her.
I wanted to hug, kiss.

Do you want to play one very interesting game? – Julia asked me.
In which? You are there I am here.
It’s impossible.
I do not see you, only hear.
Of course, this is already something, but I want to feel you.
It can be arranged.
How? – I was frankly surprised.
What else has this redhead invented? Listen to my plan, – she said in a very strange voice.
– In this game, everything will depend on you.
But I think you can do it.
The first thing you need to buy a webcam for the computer.
What for? Do not interrupt.
You will learn everything.
So, you buy a camera, me too.
We will not only hear each other, but also see.
This is already something.
Oh, got it.
I see you, you me, and we, looking at each other, are engaged in ourselves, – I realized.
We can also do this for fun.
I propose a cooler game.
I do not understand – I was completely confused.
Sasha, you are a very nice guy and, probably, other girls are already looking at you? – asked Julia.
I do not know, I somehow did not pay attention to it.
Maybe they look, I was completely confused.
Do you like any of the girls? – Julia did not let up.
You, – I answered honestly.
No, this is understandable.
Do you like other girls? Well, for example from school? You know, we have 9 people in our class, 4 of them are girls.
They are, frankly, all pretty.
Why do you need it? You will seduce them, – answered Yulia in the affirmative.
Like this? That’s how.
You are anyone of them, you invite to your home, and you will try to have sex with her.

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At this time I will be watching you around the camera.
And do not think that you will not succeed.
The first time it does not work, it will work in the second.
One will not work, it will work on the other.
I will help you with advice, because I’m a girl and I’ll think, as they think.
Do you know what they think? They themselves dream to kiss with you, and not only.
Because you are a very beautiful boy, and even the son of a rather popular star.
Believe me, the girl whom you deserve your attention will simply die of happiness and other girls will envy her.
You forget that they

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are also children of fairly wealthy families, and they, just like me, are 12 years old.
I was literally a year ago and did not think about sex until I played cards with you.
Maybe they do not think about it at all? – I objected.
Believe me.
At 12, only about this and think.
So I did not understand, did you like my offer? Remember that you will need it in the future.
You will learn to seduce girls first-class.
After all, when they become older, it will be harder to persuade them to do something like that.
Here, remember my words.
Let’s try, ”I agreed.
So, what girl do you prefer? She asked.
Well, I do not know, probably, Alya.
She is as tall as me, and her breasts are already visible.
And who are her parents? “I don’t know exactly, it seems Ali’s dad has a firm or something,” I replied.
Very good.
So it is not very twisted, – concluded Julia.
Have you noticed how she treats you? I have no idea.
As to the other boys, ”I replied, and added, after a little thought.
– Here is Ira, as if she is peering at me, smiling at me.
She is smaller than Ala, but also nothing.
And she lives only with her mother, and her mother knows who? D.
So my mother knows her perfectly well, and she and Iria have been to our home more than once, and we were also their guests.
Here is the one that we will seduce, no problems.
And she will come to visit you without any problems.
All this we stopped.
Buy a camera, and then we’ll talk about how everything will happen, ”Yulia finished.
The next day I bought a camera.
In the evening, Julia and I could already see each other perfectly.
I will not tell you all the advice of Yulia, with whom she instructed me that evening.
In the process of the story, you will learn. Sex live in video.

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