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With these words, Maria’s hand slipped down into Angela’s shorts belt.
Finding that there were no panties under the shorts, the woman broke into a smile.
The smile became wider when Maria made the second discovery.

– And, bitch, it got wet! – she proclaimed.
“I think she sticks out when they bind her.”

Having pressed Angela to the door of the viper, Maria rubbed her fingers against the pubis, then put her hand below.
When her fingers were wet enough, she slowly shoved them between swollen lips.
Angela moaned softly when Maria moved her finger “back and forth”, and soon two fingers were already processing it.
Before Angela could somehow react, Maria sealed her mouth with a kiss.
The soft touch of the lips aroused the young woman.
Not able to do anything with herself, she replied.
Closing her eyes, and feeling Maria’s wet tongue lick her lips, Angela opened her mouth, and her own tongue rushed towards the named guest.
Without interrupting the kiss, Maria squeezed Angela’s chest even tighter.
Diana watched with approval the actions of her partner and perfectly saw that a hot slut was hiding under the mask of arrogant touchy, which is not against if she is commanded – Mm, – Maria purred, bending and kissing Angela’s chest.

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Her tongue wandered around the dark brown nipples that became so topless after long hours of sunbathing.
She licked her tips slightly, just to make her nipples even more hard.
Putting Angela on the car, Maria again fell to her chest, licking her so carefully that she soon glistened with saliva.
Angela trembled at every touch of Maria’s lips on her smooth skin.
The patrol’s tongue touched Angela’s swollen nipples again and again.
And each such touch caused in her such sensations, with which men’s affection could not be compared.
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