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Vladimir once more deeply inhaled the native smell of the hospitable nest of his beloved woman, and sent the panties back into the pocket of their night guest.
When Vladimir returned to their bedroom, the bed was already empty.
Apparently, his wife went to wash off the traces of yesterday’s intercourse, he thought.

And decided to join her.
Indeed, in the bathroom there was a splash of water, and through the glass shower cabin, the alluring silhouette of a woman was seen, exposing herself to refreshing jets.
As a spouse, Volodya found it possible to take a shower next to the bride, adding erotica to the usual morning splashing.
He quickly squeezed into the cabin, and froze: Masha stood, throwing back her head with wet hair, and covering her eyes, actively kneading the bliss bud between her legs.
However, after hearing the noise and feeling the male body next to her, she stopped her manipulations and opened her eyes.
Her cheeks and ears turned crimson, and her lips trembled excitedly from indignation.
– What are you, Volodya? What are you doing here? – asked the wife of her husband.
But she quickly coped with the confusion that arose from the piquant scene, the unwitting spectator of which was her husband.
So we traded computers with Edik then.
More precisely, I traded.
Although I’m not very hard on computers except for Klava banging, Edik called himself a hacker.

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True, if not – how can you check if you don’t cut it yourself?
In any case, accountants from neighboring firms often ran to him to consult about 1C, to establish a client bank, well, like that.
And it just infuriated his wife – Valentine.
Jealous was like a half Othello.
However, Edik did not yield to her in this sense.
But at least he had a reason – Valentina came to our city from the district center, blood and milk, spit – up to the waist, below the waist too, hoo, natural blonde with blue eyes, so the men who came to us to buy computers, more on She looked, than on a complete set.
Valentine was engaged in our papers, and sat at the cash register.
She – behind the cash register, I rinsed the brains out of my mind, and we hid Edik from customers – he could crap any goods, he didn’t like anything, neither software, nor hardware.
And Gates generally hated and considered a peeder.
Things have not been going well with us.
Not because of Edik – there just wasn’t enough attendants for a good jerk.
We sold other people’s computers, we took them for implementation, and you won’t make much money out of it.
But not about it yet.
So, Valentine was – full fly.
But Edward.
Meter 60 height, minus 8 diopters, and the addition – horseradish can perehibit.
Although I bent it.
Fuck Edick himself could overpower anyone, I know for sure, we went with him from time to time to the sauna.
So someone wondered – what, they say, she found in him? And I – no, I was not surprised, I knew exactly what it was.
So, we sit on Thursday after work at the office, we are blowing beer, and we are building plans, where to get the money.
The initial capital,

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his mother in eb.
More precisely – we are with Edik beer, and Valentina loved martini.
Like them, in Gustozadrishchensk, it was possible to fall in love with martinis – I don’t know, but – come on. Sex tape online full movie.

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