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Sister hidden cam masturbation. Hard to poop?” asked the doctor.
“So inside? And the oil is not necessary, in the ass to enter?” , was interested in Masha.
“If you told me the truth immediately, I would increase the dose of oil and you would have shown it after the first enema!” , the doctor instructed her and asked: “Do you have a pear enema?”
“Well, there is little,” Masha confirmed.

“You’ll fill it with butter and let it in! But after you’ve done it all!” , the doctor explained.
“Aha!” Masha confirmed.
“Is there any more kaka?” Dr. Vanya asked.
“Do you need to lie on your tummy?” Masha asked – this was her favorite pose.
“Squat down and let in!” , the doctor explained, and again asked the question: “What else is going?”.
Well, no more enemas? “, Masha answered vaguely and asked.
“Do you want to do?” asked the doctor in surprise.
“Well, after it there is no need to crap?” asked Masha.
The doctor did not understand what she was talking about because he was silent.
“That ask or need ??” Masha also wrote.
“You can hold this little enema till the morning!” , the doctor explained, “this is not an enema compared to the previous ones!”.
“Now how is it easier to get out than at the beginning?” he asked.
“If necessary, then put.
“, the girl suddenly obediently agreed and confirmed:” It is easier.
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