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Being a married man, I was at that time with difficulty enough for monotonous sex with my wife.
It seemed to me that the personal life was over.
Working 12 hours a day, I rarely broke away from the computer.

At one of those moments, I noticed my new subordinate.
She was included in the team forcibly, as sometimes happens in powerful and crowded offices.
She was my mother’s daughter.
In the sense that the next department was led by her mother.
I didn’t really resist, because there was someone to work in a team, and the girl was not a hindrance.
It was the 96th year, so she was then 23.
She was short – a meter of sixty or slightly higher.
Natural blonde.
I did not meet such correct blondes any more.
She had thick, strong and long hair.
More often she dismissed them over her shoulders, and sometimes sheathed a bunch on the back of her head.
She had a doll face without flaws.
Snub nose gave her face some shallowness.
As my experienced friend in life told me many times – this woman is inclined to corpulence.
Indeed, her body already had a classic shape.
So at the beginning of the era Roman sculptors depicted the female body.
At 23, she had the body of a mature adult.
Slim waist, wide hips and high well-defined chest.
She was extremely proportional and well-groomed.
A year and a half before, she divorced her husband.
Her marriage was too precocious and left nothing behind but mutual bewilderment and disappointment.
Looking ahead, I will say that later, with this woman, I had a long and often very happy intimate relationship. Situs live sex indonesia.

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