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The idea seemed to me dangerous, but tempting.
– I have to think.
although it would be nice.

– Come on, everything will be fine! – Edik jumped to her and lifting his fur coat to his elbow ran his hand between his legs.
– Look! The woman did not respond, but the sperm struck me in the head.
– Fuck with him, try.
– I agreed – Give on a hundred grams for courage and begin.
– I will bring it now! – Edik swirled out into the corridor, immediately returning with a bottle, glasses and a plate of lemon.
We drank to the success of our business and began to unzip the fur coat.
However, as soon as this was done and our eyes were covered with shiny tights and her frivolous panties with red peas shining through them, Marina opened her eyes.
Realizing the way she was in front of two young people, she hastily moved her legs and wrapped her fur coat up, and even seemed to be sober up.
– What is that supposed to mean!? – she threatened to ask a short question.
“So you said you were hot.”
– began to make excuses Edik – And they went to change clothes.
And we decided to help.
We are not, the boss sent us.
We did not know that you do not have skirts.
– Hmm.
for sure.
I took it off myself so that I didn’t stick out from under my fur coat.
– Marina remembered with some effort.
– So, wanted to help? – inquisitive tone she asked, sobering in her eyes.
– Well yes.
– And what, when you saw that I was not wearing a skirt, did it not occur to you to fasten everything back? On the contrary, decided to admire? – We wanted.
just did not have time.
– Yeah, did not have time.
but we had time to see enough of it – she sensitively slapped Edik on the bulging knoll on her pants.
There was nothing to argue.
We stood with our eyes on the floor and wondered in which form the overbearing anger would fall on us.

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I do not know how Edik, and I also thanked God that we did not have time to discover our basic intentions.
– Ok, forgive, do not be afraid.
I will not spoil your holiday.
– she looked at our lean physiognomy.
– Then, maybe, according to the ryumashke? For reconciliation? – suggested a cheerful Edik.
Contrary to my expectations, she agreed.
Of course, the matter was not limited to one “for reconciliation”.
Further went “For us”, “For the Snow Maiden”.
– And now, Marina Yurievna, I would like a drink.
– Edik began another toast.
– Wait –

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she interrupted – Do you have a tongue not tired all the time to pronounce my name and patronymic? You can’t just call Marina? – Can.
– he was delighted – Exactly! Here we will drink it now! – On brotherhood! – I added.
Marina somehow looked at us badly but said nothing, took a glass and came up to me.
We drank, then kissed.
She wanted to get rid of a purely symbolic kiss, but I didn’t allow her to do this, digging into soft, dry lips and trying to push them apart with my tongue.
She answered, reluctantly at first, and then with visible pleasure.
During this time, my hands, at first chastely hugging her over the fur coat, managed to get under her and examine Marinina’s buttocks, though over the pantyhose.
And yet closer to the end of the hand, despite her weak resistance, were already in shorts clutching a cool soft ass.
Then they drank with Edik.
Taking advantage of my experience, he immediately climbed under a fur coat.
Looking at them, I thought that this piece of clothing probably was no good.
Marina, occupied by Edic, did not notice how the fur coat slipped from her shoulders and flew into the corner.
The view that opened showed that Edward went much further than I did.
Panties and pantyhose were on the thighs, Edikov’s left hand was squeezing the buttock, the right, extended as possible, penetrated between the legs right under the buttocks.
Having estimated, I realized that most likely Edward still reached where he wanted.
Marina shifted from one foot to the other, squeezing his hips and trying to stop him, while Edward stubbornly continued his work, going deeper and deeper.
Their confrontation ended unexpectedly.
Having lost his balance, Edward swung, took three small steps back and stumbled over a chair that stood behind him, plopped down on him.
At the same time, he did not let go of Marina, but pulled him along.
– Edik, let go! Let go, I say! – She swore, pushing him away. Sweetbuttocks bongacam.

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