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His fingers exposed the nipple of the second breast and already much more confidently touched him.
He crumpled and squeezed warm matter, and therefore, like fingers handling a nipple, Irishka suddenly realized that he liked her nipples in their shape and size.
The man could not have doubts – the girl is malleable.

Her condition spoke for itself, the second was waiting for the fate of the first – he wanted her.
but the fabric hid it.
– Now I will get acquainted with your pussy, you will not twitch and resist! The words were orders, she was not afraid and did not cringe.
And even special thoughts did not have time to arise in the head.
His hand slipped under her panties and her fingers touched her lips, she unwittingly lowered her leg, not because she wanted to hide behind, but simply was in that state when feelings begin to take over the mind.
– You will be punished today! Got it !? She did not answer, she did not quite understand what was happening to her, what was waiting for further, but she was well in the hands of this man!
So, in fact, I became a woman, – for the first time I sucked the male member.
Mom already knew this and did not judge.
To start a new life, as promised to my mother, there was one obstacle – my wife.
Still, I was officially married and on the passport was listed as a man.
Although he had not fulfilled his direct marital duties for a long time and he knew that my wife was almost openly cheating on me.

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We slept with her lately apart.
I understood that I should seriously talk about our relations with my wife and finally put all the dots on “and”, but did not dare.
The spouse herself unexpectedly began the conversation: – Alexander, where are my black thongs and new white tights? she asked in a stern voice, interrupting all the shelves in the linen compartment of the furniture wall cabinet.
I realized that I couldn’t find a better reason for a decisive explanation, and with a shudder in my voice I admitted: – They are with me, Veronika.
I washed them and forgot in mom’s bathroom.
I will bring it tomorrow.
My wife was taken aback.
She thought she had misheard.
– What you said? Do you have them? What does it mean? What mother? Who washed ?.
I sighed and began to explain: – Do you understand, Vera, I don’t wear your underwear for a long time, you just don’t know.
I love it.
In it, I feel like a real woman, because I always wanted to be her.
But not a boy.
The day before yesterday, when you were in the night shift, I first dressed as a woman and went to your movies in an erotic film.
There the drunk guy stuck to me, treated me with canned beer, and when the lights went out, I got under the skirt.
I had nothing to do, how to say that I have periods.
Then he pulled out a member and made me suck it.
For the first time in my life I took someone else’s dick in my mouth and brought the guy to orgasm.
When he finished in my mouth, I, too, drained and soiled your panties and new tights.
They are all stuck together from

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I left the cinema hall, but it was unpleasant to walk wet, and I went to my mom to wash up.
– A libertine, dirty fucker! Maniac! Fag! – without listening to her words, Veronica screamed in rage and, having thrown herself on me, began to cruelly beat her hands over her face with pleasure. Teen lesbian hidden cam.

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