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Polina choked with humiliation.
She knew that she was attractive and desirable, any man would always want her body – her pussy was not at all nasty, but beautiful, gentle, and not very much so far developed a hole.

Probably, as with Sveta herself.
However, self-abasement in a strange way reinforced her excitement.
– My.
will punish me for touching without asking.
its filthy and.
and ugly pussy.
Mrs. spit on her face, then, taking her hair, with the words “bitch, you need to take a closer look,” led on all fours.
A fair-haired woman passed into the room, leaving dirty footprints on the floor on the floor, but the owner of the apartment only meekly crawled over the guest who did not bother to take off her shoes, not even daring to raise her head.
Svetlana, throwing her purse into the corner of the sofa, sat down in a businesslike manner, stretching her legs, leaving the girl standing in front of her, on all fours, with the saliva flowing down her face, swaying right in front of her face with a long, thin heel.
– Suck heel.

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Polina without hesitation wrapped her lips around the heel of the Lady and began to suck him hard.
Only with horror wondered what if her friends would see such a spectacle? Her ex-husband? Why are there husband and girlfriends, when parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces continually stared at how she allows herself to be bullied with family photos hung on the walls of the room by repeatedly increasing the concentration of stress experienced! Everything that happened was on the verge of a mixture of everything.
Repulsive and attractive at the same time.
A feeling of disgust, self-indulgence to almost to the emetic urge and unexpected pleasure, ecstasy from falling.
feelings of incredible fear, shame, dirt, and sudden strange humiliated pleasure.

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in fact, everything was inexplicable, incomprehensible, but extremely exciting.
– Enough.
I was not mistaken in you.
Well done.
Do you like our new relationship? – Yes, I am happy to obey you.
The blonde told Polina to crawl into the middle of the room.
– This is how you will, always, move in the presence of the Lady or the Lord.
Stand on your knees.
The main thing you need to learn is that you will kneel while waiting for the Lord or Mistress.
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