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His fingers caressed my nipple, and I relaxed again and closed my eyes.
Then he turned me to the side, with his back to himself, and leaned back.
I felt his penis pressed into my back.

Pasha continued to caress my chest, unbuttoned the bra.
Suddenly I felt a touch of something warm and soft on my lips.
I realized that this, even before I opened my eyes.
In front of me, Denis was slightly bent at the knees.
His dick was just opposite my mouth.
He, apparently, had not yet been aroused properly and was not very big and firm.
I obediently took it in my mouth.
Having processed the head, I zykom, I clasped her lips and began to suck.
The rod quickly gained its original hardness.
Denis, apparently, was not very comfortable to stand in this position, so he got up.
Pasha turned me to face him.
He sat with his back against the headboard and pulled me towards him.
To make me comfortable, I knelt on the bed and rested my elbows on the sides

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of his thighs.
In this case, my ass ripped up to the top, but to caress a member so it was much more convenient.
And his penis was not fully excited, but I quickly coped with it.
At the same time, Pasha brushed my hips.
His hands lay on my head and set the pace he was comfortable with.
This went on for a while, but he did not finish.
I was already beginning to get tired, when suddenly I felt that Denis was starting to pull off my pants with my panties.
– Do not worry, I will not deprive you of virginity.
– He reassured me, although I did not mind.

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He smeared my anus with some ointment.
I felt how he tried to enter there, and he got it right away.
And his dick smoothly began to enter my anus.
And I stopped sucking at Pasha, and quietly moaned with pleasure.
And Denis kept quietly pushing his weapon until he drove it completely into me.
He waited a bit and began to move.
With each of his rocking, I was getting more and more excited.
Pasha reminded of himself, again pressing my head to the rearing member.
While one fucked me in the ass, I sucked the other.
In the morning tell me this, I would not have imagined.
I felt like a real slut.
First Denis finished, quietly and without groans.
He just froze for a second and poured his seed into me.
And Pasha continued to stick my mouth on himself, actively podmahivaya.
He still could not come to the finals.
I myself was already tired and waited for his orgasm.
Here Igor also approached us.
And the boys made a small permutation.
Denis lay down on another bed to rest, Igor sat down in front of me, and Pasha fell in behind.
I already started to suck at Igor, and Pasha was still in no hurry to enter me.
His cock moved between my buttocks, not deeply immersed.
Finally he stopped at the entrance to my virgin womb.
Very slowly, he began to enter, and I froze: “Yes, right now I needed it.”
Igor impatiently reminded me of himself, and I continued to lick his manhood.
Anton shook a little, even the cognac could not warm his left hands with the excitement.
– Do you want it? Answer it yourself! I’ll take you as a man takes a woman.
Do you agree? Anton felt like under anesthesia.
“I’m not drunk,” he thought.
– Do you surrender to my power? In my full power? Anton did not understand very well what the professor was asking about, and answered all questions in the affirmative.
– In your full power.
– Repeat after me.
My lord, I recognize you as my sovereign Master and ruler and give you my body and soul in full possession.
You can do whatever you want with me.
I am your humble slave.
Anton was whispering words of oath behind a man.
When he uttered the last words, “I am yours truly a servant,” Yevgeny Anatolyevich took Anton by the hand, took him into the bedroom and ordered him to lie down on a huge double bed. Tools bongacams promo.

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