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I love condensed milk “and the signature in Latin letters – Willard.
Who is Willard? If these swimming trunks with such an emblem, from which all professional athletes vodniki, instead of drowned, get stuck, then Willard is that girl.
Such a logical construction and conclusion suited me.

Condensed milk was also a favorite product for me, which is why the first bank went into action.
Having made holes with a knife, a constant companion of mine in my diving, pulling through evening parks and just like that, I sucked one can.
After opening it completely, I chose the whole sweet white mass with my finger, remembering the good word of Willard.
The yacht, like her, disappeared far into the haze, leaving the Adidas company with the label “Made in the USA”, a can of condensed milk and a note.
Having tried on swimming trunks, I am pleased, how can they still sit well, exactly my size, dived.
Yes, the imperialists know how to do it.
Nowhere are they too tight, they are not constrained by movements, they are not heavy, as if they are not on you.
I was thinking about

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About the girl with whom, by the will of the sea gods, we collided on boulders, about her voice, hair, gentle warmth.
With one memory of which Maxim was starting to get excited, straining in the canopy of his underpants.

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At night, I had all sorts of erotic dreams in which I had sex.
No, I did not see the picture itself, but I felt that this is what nature created for man and woman.
In the morning I crawled out to the toilet, where I immediately finished, releasing a night’s sleep in a real-life sink.
– What are you, son? “Caring mother, you’d better sleep!” “It’s just a bad dream.
– I walked past her, unexpectedly noting that she just threw a robe over her naked body.
Well, yes, the hot night, it’s time to sleep naked.
But up to this point, for me, the concept of sleeping naked was somehow detached, meaningless.
Neither sexual nor other.
And here! Presenting my mother and father naked in bed, I was again excited.
No, it’s better not to think, but just to sleep.
Pulling the sheets over my naked body, I forced myself to fall asleep.
All later, then, after the mother and father will go to work! – Are you all right? – She sat on the bed, put her hand on his forehead.
– Yes, everything is fine! – I turned to her, bending my knees, hiding Maxim growing in volumes.
– I have to go to work tomorrow.
Let’s go to sleep? – Yes.
– She got up, thinking that I did not see in such darkness, scratched myself THERE, simply putting my hand between the floors of the robe.
Oh! Maxim rushed forward, pouring lead.
– Let’s sleep.
But if something.
– I will tell you.
– What will I tell her? What of me and rushing sperm? What is four times a day a little? What from this meeting with the girl now my scrotum at the mere thought that she was sitting naked in front of me, separated only by a thin towel, was heavy, and the member called for action? – I will definitely tell you.
– We will go on Sunday to visit Diomantidis.
– She yawned, covering her mouth with her hand, which made the floors of her robe spread apart, revealing a dark triangle.
It is morning soon, and in the clear light of the early morning I can already see everything. Watch online indian sex mms.

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