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All that this body can give me.
He groans, and I choke with his moans.
A little more, a little bit more.

– I can not do it anymore.
I have two hundred and fifty horses under the hood.
It explodes tight stream into my mouth.
I drink everything.
Drinking choking and enjoying.
I already forgot this taste.
I close my eyes.
I do not want anything, but hot hands clasp my hips.
How could I forget – he is no more than twenty.
– Before the plane is another two hours.
Thanks, airplanes, that you arrive only in two hours.
This is not me.
It says my ass, which this impudent boy rushes into.
I scream, cry, and hit the dashboard at the same time.
Drive – neutral reverse parking.
“My name is Vitya,” he says in the airport parking lot, “I’m nineteen.”
You first.
Do not drive so more.
I smile at the open window.
I met Rinat, this is a very interesting person, educated and somewhat mysterious.
His features spoke a lot about him.
I could give him 30 years, although he was already up to forty.
He knew what he was worth, never exchanged for free emotions, kept himself restrained.
Our acquaintance passed warmly.
I immediately felt some warmth from this man.
Already when he left, and at night I lay with my whole body pressed against Victor, he asked me: What do you think about Rinat? I did not know exactly what he meant and said his general description.
He is an interesting young man.
– But he interested you? – In what respect, Vitya? – Well, if he gave you in his mouth? – In your mouth? I was taken aback by such frankness.
Victor, what are you saying? How to give it in your mouth? This is a stranger, I just can not understand you, what really consider me so dead that I can suck a stranger? – But I sucked? And we were not so familiar with you? Victor spoke with a kind of smile on his face, looking straight into my eyes.

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He was pleased to see my embarrassment or bewilderment on how he said it.
I sat on the couch, and he remained lying, his member was covered with a sheet and his hand stroked it through her.
I saw.
that its size increases as the bump has become more and more and he is already looking at me just nadrachival him.
– Does it turn you on? I asked, not taking my eyes off the movement of his hand.
He threw the sheets and bare the head just jerking off, putting on a review of his amazing member.
He did it slowly and somehow in a special way.
– Yes, it turns me on, I imagine you are on your knees in front of him and he plants you in your sweet neck, your saliva drips and you gykae every time your hand presses you on the back of your head.
– Stop it, you’re talking nonsense.
I wanted to argue, but I did not succeed, I turned my head away, but at that moment I presented myself as sucking Rinat.
As he enters the mouth, as my lips gently clasp it.
Between the legs it became hot and pleasant.
Victor sat up and put his hand to me, utterly bent me to his penis.
I already wanted to swallow it, but Victor pushed me aside and lifting my head like a puppet looked into my eyes.
– You do as I want? I looked into his bottomless eyes, a centimeter from me pulsed his cock, his smell has already begun to tickle my nerve endings.
I didn’t know what to answer, I looked and thought, knowing that I wanted it myself.
– Yes, my love, I will do as you want.
I stretched my lips to his cock, but he turned away from me, hiding him under a sheet.
– Well, that’s nice, it will be you push to the next blowjob.
Tomorrow he will come to visit, try what the taste of someone else’s member.
He is much bigger than mine.
So rejoice.
With these words, I got up and went to the bathroom, and I lounged on the sofa and looked at the ceiling, wondering what will happen tomorrow.
And the next day, at about one o’clock in the afternoon, I sat in the kitchen and drank tea, with a warm drink at my neck.
The summer breeze blew through the window, singing birds outside the window.
I enjoyed today, maybe already in anticipation of something that can change my life.
I crossed my legs and slightly exposed chest.
It was hot.
And then Rinat entered the kitchen.

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did not even hear him enter the apartment, after all, Victor was not at home.
I was a little scared.
– Do not be afraid, Victor gave me the keys, I was at his workplace. Watch online lesbian sex videos.

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