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How are you? I do not know – Ivanovich, yet my wife somehow.
And fuck her – will you? I can ask Her what she wants.
If you allow me, I will – She will stretch all the holes, you will see for yourself, as SUCH, as She is – It is like it.

Come on – Ivanovich! He is not that big.
We argue that she will sit on a bottle of champagne !? What are you – Sanya! Do you offer your Olka to shove a bottle in Pizda !? Come on, I – It is better to ass fucked, will yell but will not want to get off with dick.
When I fucked one fucking ass, then she didn’t ask for anything else! Not Ivanovich, in the ass – your hui.
! It hurts She will.
Our intellectual conversation was interrupted by a wife.
She is already in a sundress, under him like – there is nothing.
The blush has passed, but it looks lustful and moreover, in every possible way sticking out its frivolity.
! Ivanovich said that you want to suck him.
But you want it.
? Not! You do not speak my teeth, I first asked.
Who first asked is not important! Suck then – I will.
(Vstrepenuvshis) – if you want it.
I want to offer a toast (this is Ivanovich climbed).
(He speaks about a rose, comparing it with a woman and assuring that it is uncool – She (it should be understood – a woman) is much more beautiful.
Olka – hrenyachet champagne, we vodka – like stuck.
Ivanovich – Olke; and let’s dance! I am what to dance! I want to fuck, and indeed the day is outside.
Olya – and you podrachi and look at us.
GETTED !!! Ivanovitch turns on the tape recorder, and under “Here’s Ken ai du”, they begin to emit a dance.
Ivanovich, already not at all embarrassed, licked with my wife, pawing – Her ass.
Olka rubs against his dick and crouches on His knee.
He lifts the dress and with both hands, holding both halves of Her priests, stretches in different directions, right in front of me.
Wife, without panties – then sticks out his ass, then pressed against His dick.

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I begin to understand that most likely – today My wife, Ivanovich will fuck anyway.
I console myself with the fact that He is old, he will soon die, and I have All my life ahead of him (My wife is with His damn) a memory for the rest of my life.
Inside, I measured it with this thought, it remains – to make Everything beautiful.
I walk up to Him, cling to Olkin’s back, my hands on Her chest, She turns around and the dances – continue with Me.
Sundress almost on the shoulders, Olka kisses me on the neck and says.
Sasha, and you honestly do not mind that I surrendered to Him, do not be afraid, This is not Treason.
I feel how She is trembling with desire.
Where do you want him to fuck you? Yes, let Him choose – I want Him – He shoved me.
Ivanovich (already without his pants), quietly walking up to Zadeh, clings to Olka, then with one hand pulls Her off, for the hips from Me, and the second one is slobbering the Dick.
I look alternately in the eyes of my Wife, then at Him.
In Olin’s eyes, I see a plea and a lust.
He busily pushes Her ass off (I don’t see, but I feel) how He puts his dick in Her pussy, lifts his eyes on me, gently pushes and

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BEGINS EVERYTHING YOU IN MY WIFE !!! So she began – the fucking of my wife! Ivanovich, smiling slightly, slowly but insistently sticks his dick into Her, after making a few pushes. He begins rhythmically and with great taste thrust Olka between his legs.
Taking Her thighs, He seems to stretch Her, shoving as deeply as possible, while looking at Me with dumb words – WELL WHAT! I SAY THAT IT’S HERE – FUCKING MY MY FUCKING LIKE.
My wife’s name is Aliya.
Now she is 25.
We met when she was 18 and I was 22.
She has not changed much during this time.
Remained the same slender.
Is that a bit heavier boobs and ass.
Somewhere in six months, we decided to get married.
My and her parents were happy with their future daughter-in-law and son-in-law, respectively.
I came to my bride’s parents the day before the wedding.
After talking with her relatives, I had already left the house, but then I was so impatient to shit that I understood: I would not go to the house.
I was ashamed to enter the house, and went to the toilet of the type of birdhouse that was in the depths of the garden.
When I was about to go out – through the gap in the door I saw two Russian men of 35-40 years old, climbing over the fence into the garden.
Alia immediately ran into the garden in a short robe.
– Hello, boys – she smiled happily.
– Well, what a fucker? They say you will get married tomorrow – without answering my bride’s greeting, the redhead spoke.
“Yeah,” Alia said with a laugh.
I realized that I would see something special now, and decided to peek into the crack of a wooden door. Watch online sex viedos.

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