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Nastya was moaning and teasing her pussy.
Having fucked her a little bit like that, I, feeling that it was time for me to discharge myself, drove my dick into her pussy and almost immediately finished.
When we were a little away from the orgasm, I turned around and saw Nata, who was watching my hand sticking out of Nasty’s asshole.

I carefully took out my hand, and now the scale of its possibilities was visible.
The hole was just huge.
Nastya also turned and saw where her friend was looking.
– Did you like my dear, – she asked Nata? – Yes very.
Did it hurt you? How is this possible? – Now it does not hurt, sometimes it happens.
This is when Andrew does not prepare me and starts to shove right away.
He likes to torment my ass.

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let’s go wash,” I suggested, in order to get away from the unpleasant conversation for me.
– Cyrus, do not be offended, please.
You are still the most gentle of all who was in my ass.
And I like that about you.
Okay, run to wash, and then, Natasha, I will teach you how to do a deep blowjob, and Cyrus will help us.
It will be educational material.
– Only if with the ending in the mouth – I smiled.
– And do not even think to spit it out.
And then in the ass fuck.
“And you can do both,” Nat asked.
– Of course, my good.
We had a whole evening ahead, night and home-made wine.
The girls tormented me and myself, my cock worked without ceasing, finding themselves in all holes in turn.
Where he could not be, the girls replaced him with their own hands.
Exhausted and satisfied, we fell asleep only by the middle of the night.
Oh, I sure forgot.
They can come to us on Saturday with their mother, Aunt Lyuda.
Great, say we are waiting for them.
In their next gatherings with Lenka, she told everything about her husband.
You know a friend, the next time if he asks to wear something of your belongings, do not be surprised, but do as he pleases.

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Why does he need my clothes? Believe me, he wants.
You even help yourself, throw all the laundry in the wash and offer your robe to wear, and then put on cancer and fuck in the ass.
Well, I do not know! Oh, come on, you think about it, doesn’t it really excite you? Ekaterina Afanasyevna thought for a moment.
It excites! Very exciting! I even got my panties wet, like I imagined. Well, do as I say and give him pleasure and get it yourself! And this time Ekaterina Afanasyevna did everything, as Lenka said.
The husband surprisingly easily agreed to put on her short robe and in the evening, in bed he also got cancer and arched his back.
When she pulled up her robe and saw Vitali’s lustfully exposed ass, she was overwhelmed with excitement.
One her hand fucked with his rubber dick, the other jerked her pussy, which flowed all the time.
It was a completely unthinkable sight, the two halves of his asshole and between them a healthy, rubber dick.
At the next meeting with Lenka, she already without hesitation told these details.
Girlfriend, what are you naive, any man ends when he fucked in the ass.
Why? They have a lot of nerve endings there, approximately as in pussies.
And I did not know! Yes, you do not know a lot of things! When do you have a meeting with this Lyudmila? Saturday at ten in the morning.
Well, maybe I’ll look in on you a little later.
Have agreed! On Saturday morning, Ekaterina Afanasyevna got dressed decently and made her son pull on long, loose shorts and a tank top.
Exactly at ten the bell rang.
She opened the door and let the brothers in with their mom.
Lyudmila was a dark-haired, short-haired, skater woman, forty-five years old, but young.
They all grandly sat in the kitchen drinking tea, leading small talk about the work and study of their sons.
After half an hour Lenka broke into the apartment.
Throwing a short, piercing look at the guest, she greeted her and took out a bottle of wine.
Well, my friend, I bought the new clothes, went to wash! And Lyudmila with you invite, cover in a large room! Lyudmila somewhat declined, but rather for pro forma, and of course she agreed.
Ekaterina Afanasyevna arranged the glasses, chocolate candy vases and women conveniently settled down and began to drink wine.
The bottle quickly emptied and got the second one from the bar.
They are all pretty plump and cheerful.
Oh, girls, now I’ll show you my clothes! – cooed Lenka and closing the door to the room, began to get things out of the bag.
She quickly took off her dress, then her panties and bra and remained completely naked.
I bought all sorts of sports things for fitness! Lenka wore tight shorts and a top made of blue fabric and spun around the room. Webcam anal hd.

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