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Katya pushed her ass to meet her hand.
She felt unusually good.
She felt a pleasant heaviness in the lower abdomen and dreamed that these caresses would not end.

Andrei abruptly took his hands out of her underwear and, putting his left on her back, bent her forward.
Katya put her elbows on the table and began to wait for her fate with resignation.
Andrei took a fresh, fat cucumber from the table with his free hand and thrust it into the girl’s vagina.
Katya screamed in pain.
The thick baton seemed to rip her insides.
But soon the pain was replaced with an incomparable feeling of pleasure.
Oh, how pleasantly the cunt of the cunt of the vagina was trembling.
Waves of orgasm washed over her, pulling sweetly moans from her chest.
Katya did not hear how the lightning spread on Andrei’s pants.
He pulled a cucumber out of her and began kissing her with hot kisses on the labia, licking off her discharge.
Katya has not yet awakened from an orgasm, flying in seventh heaven.
Andrew pulled out his long standing member, led the head to the anus, and, leaning over the whole body, immediately drove it completely inside.
Katya gasped in surprise.
The idea that she fucked in the ass swept her mind.

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Andrew unceremoniously thrust a member to its full length, caressing her breasts with both hands.
The hole was tight and warm.
Unable to hold back any longer, he flooded her with his sperm, having experienced a fabulous orgasm.
Andrew took out limp penis, knelt and pressed his mouth to the anus, burraya tongue hole, from which flowed his sperm.
Katya could no longer withstand this sweet torture and huddled up in convulsions of orgasm.
I wonder why dark elves are quite calm about sexual intercourse with people? Their bright relatives will commit suicide rather – violate the sacred law of the elves – rather than decide on a sexual act with anyone other than another elf.
Although these legends about the light elves can be very far from the truth, I myself have never seen the light elves, and rumors should not be trusted.
I, of course, understand that I am the commander, the head of this fortress-outpost, but Lotos is not at all obliged to sleep with me.
For that matter, I can’t even order her to do that.
Our common Mistress, who is also a lesbian, made it clear that abuse of her position in relation to the fair sex will end badly for anyone, regardless of rank.
But along with all this, Lotus stood now before me and silently waited for my actions.
However, back five minutes back.
The lotus

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, as always, came with a regular report to the next dream.
A good helper always does most of the tedious, paperwork for her boss.
Now she just came in so that I could glance over the papers and formally approve everything, but instead I unexpectedly asked her: “Would you refuse to spend this night with me?” “Okay,” Lotos agreed without hesitation. Webcam anal live.

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