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I got up, buried my face in the pillow.
Who fucked me now, I didn’t know, it lasted for about 40 minutes.
My ass is free to take a member, making smacking sounds.

“Well, everything, you can get up,” I heard Marinka’s contented voice, “Katka went for a walk, and I asked you to have some more fucking.”
I looked up and saw naked Marinka.
This little bitch fucked me in the ass and caressed her cunt.
“You can dress up and go home, for today you are finished with you.
Although get up shrimp “.
I got up to lose now, and this asshole began to shove something into my ass, it turned out that they were my panties.
Thrusting almost completely, leaving only a small piece of cloth hanging around, Marinka stuck two fingers into my pussy, pushed them there and told me to dress without taking out her panties from her priests.
“So you go home.”
I got dressed: pulled on leggings, put on a bra and a T-shirt.
I went to the door, I was very exhausted.
While I was wearing sandals, Marinka loudly slapped me on the ass and said: “See you tomorrow.”
I left the apartment, somehow managed to get to the house, a strange feeling was in the priest after fucking, and even the panties were there now.
Arriving home, I pulled the panties out of the anus, felt the hole, although what kind of hole there is – a hole, it is better to say.

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I went to the shower and went to bed.
Slept through the evening.
And I thought what awaits me tomorrow.
Waiting for comments.
Good day! My name is Olya.
I am a transvestite.
I am 25 years old, of which 7 years old I wear women’s clothes.
Sex life of a woman, I began to live from school.
But today I would like to tell another story.
I came to the city to enter university.
There was a question about housing.
Crusade not given.
I had to look for a rented apartment.
Began to call ads.
I wanted to hang up, but a male voice answered at that end.
– Hello.
Do you rent a room? – Hello, yes, of course.
– And you can find out how much it costs? And where to be? – You can, of course, but maybe we will resolve this issue in a personal meeting there are circumstances under which you are unlikely to want to live with me.
– dictate the address.
The housing issue was acute, so I decided to go.
The door was opened by a man of about forty.
Small stature, with a belly.
– Come on in.
My name is Oleg Ivanovich.
Here is the room.
See it.
I liked the room.
Bed, wardrobe, bedside table with TV.
All that is needed.
– It suits me – I smiled.
– How much do you ask? – Let’s drink tea and I’ll tell you – he smiled too.
We went to the kitchen.
He poured tea.
– I will not torment you for long.
I’ll tell you how it is.
I, as they call it now, blue.
I like boys.
He stopped talking, waiting for my unhealthy reaction.
But I only said: – It happens.
So how much do you want for the room? He grinned.
– What, do not bother? Boys will come here, I’ll fuck them.

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Maybe I will pester you drunk.
– Absolutely not confused.
So what’s the price? He called.
This is several times less than I planned.
– I agree, but I also have something to tell you.
I am a transvestite and I will go to the women’s house.
It is possible that the boys will go to me, but not me, but they will fuck me. Webcam boobs videos.

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