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My penis was still all its length in Slavka and I was in no hurry to remove it from the soft cozy warmth, feeling the pleasant rhythmic twitching of that very elastic ringlet, with which we could not manage right away.
But gradually my member became softer and the priests got out of Slavkina himself.
We both lay on our backs, next to each other, sober and tired and silent.

Gradually, came the understanding of what happened.
There was a deep night outside the frozen window, but despite the fatigue, I didn’t want to sleep.
I turned to Slavka and quietly asked: “Did you hurt you?” He turned to the wall and said: “No!”.
A strange feeling of guilt in front of him suddenly fell on me.
I wanted to do something nice for him and I asked: “Glory, what do you want?”
And suddenly, quite unexpectedly for me, his sharp reply sounded: “Now you!”.
I suddenly realized that I was waiting for me and sat down on the bed, looking at him.
My excitement has passed and I just could not imagine myself in such a role.
I was not in my own right and I began to silently get out from under the blanket.
But Slavka grabbed me by the shoulder and threw me back on the bed.
“If you do not give, then I will not forgive you!” – he said evil.
I’m confused.
To be honest, I had no right to refuse him after all that had happened.
After all, I got my portion of pleasure? Slavka, standing on his knees, began to nadrachivat himself, nashariv with his other hand

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a tube of baby cream.
I silently watched him squeeze a little white, pleasantly smelling cream onto his head and began to smear it all over the surface.

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Then he squeezed a little cream on his finger, looked at me and said: “Well ?!”
I slowly turned over on my stomach and, rising on my knees, exposed my ass.
Immediately, I felt a pleasant chill right in the very middle of it, and then immediately – Slavkin’s finger, smearing the cream over my entire hole, and cheekily climbing it right inward.
Involuntarily, everything tightened there and I involuntarily recoiled from Slavkin’s finger.
Then he wrapped his arms around me with both hands, still slippery from the cream and I felt how his hard and hot member rested against me right there, and without much resistance, began to move deeper and deeper.
I experienced a strange sensation when I felt that something was moving there — warm and slippery.
Despite my worst expectations, I was not unpleasant.
On the contrary, I suddenly began to experience a very strange feeling, close to when, at the very threshold of an orgasm, you feel that some muscles inside you are involuntarily relaxing, and you cannot do anything about it, and a portion of sperm is about to shoot out.
Well, here’s a little bit more.
But the orgasm still does not come, and some strange languor swept over everything inside me and it seems that I am about to describe myself.
And Slavka, firmly holding me with her hands, everything hews and hews in that very strange place, from where it seems even a little bit and the orgasm begins.
I spread my legs a bit and Slavkin’s member began to penetrate even deeper into me and my strange sensations intensified even more.
My pussy was no longer dangling from side to side, but rocked solidly, slowly looking bare.
Slavkino sniff was heard over my ear.
His fingers painfully squeezed my hips and deprived me of any hope of escaping from his arms.
Slavka became faster and faster to thrust his dick into me, and his movements became so sweeping that all of a sudden his head jumped out of my ass and then my worried hole involuntarily shrunk, so tightly that all Slavkins trying to get inside again were unsuccessful .
“What are you doing ?!” – I heard his hoarse offended whisper. Webcam girl glasses.

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