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“Thank you Misha, I was glad to meet you,” I said, “Yeah, you fucked well,” he answered. I was standing in the doorway and a little light of hope was still burning inside.
Maybe he will change his mind, remember how good he was and give me more attention? ”“ Well, that’s it, let’s talk, ”said Misha,“ Bye-bye, ”I answered and left.
In the elevator, I was overwhelmed by conflicting feelings – resentment on the one hand, and frantic desire on the other.

I was a little proud that even in such a situation, Misha used me as a whore and finished! But I wildly wanted another member who would fuck me for a long time and efficiently! I firmly decided that right now I want to pick up an asset that would fuck me thoroughly until the end.
I had never met before just on the street and I was scary.
There were options in my head – go to the gay club or to the public toilet or try to find someone on the street.
I decided to try to lure myself a man.
I walked away to the side of the flowerbed and bent down, as if straightening something in sandals.
He stood for about 30 seconds.
Then he walked about 30 meters and repeated the number.
Then another, and another, and another.
It took an hour and a half.
I have already passed a dozen blocks, pretty tired and did not receive any attention.
The last few quarters, I shook my ass so slightly, though I was afraid of a kick and bullying of people around me.
Finally I was tired, and sat down a step near the house to rest.
I was ready to give up more than ever.
It didn’t work, it didn’t work out – now you will get it, – Andrei replied, – become cancer! I obediently got on my knees and put my ass up, my back was bent – “Good hack,” Andrei said, he took off his pants, gently hung them on the back of a chair, took off his panties and shirt.

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His cock was sticking tightly out from under the hanging flabby puta.
– I do not have prezikov, you’re not speeding? – he asked

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, “What are you, Andryusha, I have only one man before you and he fucked me with a condom? Well, well,” said Andrei, “now I’ll go and find vaseline, come on, without petroleum jelly,” I suggested — I will suck you dick first and then he will easily go into my wet ass – Well, see if you want.
I have a dick not small.
He sat down in a chair, and I turned to him on my knees and sat between his legs.
The member was really centimeters 18, sticking out of the dense thicket of white hair that covered eggs.
I opened my mouth, and literally immediately felt the taste of a member of Andrew in the language.
It remains to clasp his lips and start sucking.
How was it nice to give oral pleasure to a man.
His cock was sourish in taste and smelled like urine.
This smell drove me crazy.
I sucked his dick with ecstasy and smacking, thinking that there was as much saliva as possible.
“That’s it, now let’s go to hell,” said Andrew after 10 minutes of sucking. “Did you like how I suck?” – I asked, “Yes, the wafer list is excellent,” he answered rudely. I let his cock out of my mouth, let my saliva flow into my hand, and with a greased hand I rubbed my ass.
One finger got into the hole to check that the ass is still clean and there is a little bit of silicone grease left inside.
– Come on, crawl over the sofa, – said AndreiYa obediently got up as he wanted, looking back.
I wanted to see him start fucking me.
Andrew came up to me, put one hand on his hips, the other took his wet member and sent it into the hole.
He entered immediately and almost without resistance.
– Yes, you have a hole plunk be healthy! – He said, “Mmmm, thank you dear,” I replied.
I was overjoyed, for today it is the second dick in my ass and he certainly will give me pleasure! Andrew began to fuck me sharply in the ass, plunging and taking out a member of almost the entire length.
His fat belly pounded on my ass.
“Ohhh, how sweet you are, how good you fuck me,” I began to sentence— “Bitch, this pussy — Andrei sentenced — squeezes well and goes like clockwork! Webcam miss252525 sex video.

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