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He said, just look at your girlfriend well, and nodded towards the window.
I got out of bed and went to the window, and ooh, there my girlfriend was right under the lamp, some guy fucked on the tennis table.
At that moment, he came up and started touching my twat. So? I asked having touched my wife’s pussy through the panties? Just do not move! Yes, so she answered in a trembling voice, fucking as good! It was then that I could not stop, apparently masturbation, the sight of a fucking girlfriend and the hand of a night guest between my legs did their job.

And you decided to let the fuck? Of course! What is there to decide? You know how you wanted to fuck? I’ve had a week without you! Blya how I then wanted to fuck.
Can I move? Not! Oh my God! What a thrill! How I want to move! I finish! Do not even think about it! Please continue! Tell me! But the wife could not stand it and finished, the truth never moved! Wow! How kayfovo! I finished without touch! Without any movement! From one thought finished! she continued to stand motionless, and after a minute she continued her story: I began to flow.
he put me on cancer, his hands on the window sill, and his legs on the two chairs that stood at the window, told me to bend and watch my girlfriend fuck, and he began to slowly take off my panties. I asked, slowly squeezing my wife’s thongs.
Yes exactly! And then tore them from me! I took the scissors and cut the side straps of my wife’s panties – Like this? I asked again Oh, yes! So cool! Can I move a little? No, stay like that! This is unbearable, but how fucking !!! Just like you were there? Nearly! You probably did not even think at this moment that you are cheating on me? What will another man fuck you? You’re laughing? Of course I did not think! I just wanted him to fuck me! To fuck someone else’s dick? Of course! And what is this alien dick? Ltd! Such? I began to slowly shove her vibrator Oh, yes! at this moment she stirred So, once again you cringe and I will stop everything! Oh no, please go on! No more! Put it in me! I beg you soon! Let me remember how it was! Give enjoy! You are welcome! I began to slowly shove in and poke out the vibrator, she stood still not moving and groaned with pleasure.

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Yes, yes, this is how he scoffed at me, put his dick a couple of centimeters and waited until I was completely exhausted! But with him, at least it was possible to squirm, but you are not allowed.
And did you like to squirm? What is it all like when you fuck someone else’s man? This is an indescribable feeling! Especially when his eggs begin to bang on his pussy, and lyashki on

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the ass! And in the mirror you see how his hips move dynamically! Oh, how cool it was there! I now know why my girlfriend gave me to you And why? We were so enthusiastic about fucking that we didn’t notice how they finished this fucking and were already in our room. Did they see you fucking? Yes.
They sat and watched as he fuck me! And then I myself offered to insert another dick into my ass! Like this? I started shoving my dick in my wife’s ass, at the same time “working” with a vibrator. Oh, yes! Exactly! Exactly! The wife wheezed, started to twitch and shout: – Ebi me please! Ebi your fucking! Fuck me! Please fuck, I can not stand it anymore! and she began to twitch ending! We lay devastated! I first finished in the ass of his wife.
She could not believe that she had finished with only one thought! Why did you put a bandage on me? I shrugged: – I do not know Strange.
? And there they did not put a bandage on me.
So girlfriend embellished.
This story was enough for us for another couple of years of marriage, and then it happened.
– funny? What do you find in this funny, bastard ?! – shouted Veronica.
“That’s it,” Alex answered shortly, and took a few steps forward.
– Stay where you are! – shouted Nick.
Alex stopped, but not at all because Nick told him to do it.
Now it became clear to Lavrov that he had greatly miscalculated when he offered money to his victim.
Now the role of the victim went to him.
– Why did you do that? Why did you make them.
doing so?! – asked Nick with a blink, implying the punishment of Marat and Vova.
– Not because the kind of sucking fagot turns me on.
Are you sorry for these freaks? – Not your damn business! Alex smiled smugly.
– Hate me? – He asked a rhetorical question.
Nika was silent.
Perhaps it was the cold wind that was to blame, or experienced stress, but the girl’s hands began to tremble.
Alex, this whole situation began to bother, and he decided to speed up the outcome.
– It would not be happiness, but misfortune helped. Www nudelive.

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