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BUT? Like? – she sentenced.
Then she sat down on Christine’s face and began to rub again, now about her nose and lips.
ru) Christine moaned, turned her head and tried to scramble out from under her boss, but she kept her tight.

This time it lasted about fifteen minutes.
Tamara finished a long time, but not as bright as the first time.
When she finished, she felt her strength was running out

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She slipped off Christina’s face and lay down beside her.
Go wash up.
– She said and looked at the barely living secretary.
– Fool.
Are you going to quit? Today! – Christina sobbed and slowly began to rise from the floor.
Tamara sighed.
Fifth secretary for the year.
She murmured to herself.
– We must learn to control yourself.
Congratulations to women on the holiday of spring, youth and love.
Masha, a twenty-year-old blue-eyed brunette with an aspen waist, slender legs, decorated on top with tempting buttocks, resembling two elastic balls, pinkish nipples on her chest, barely visible under the thin, translucent white fabric of her blouse, raised the arched, rifled marts, I already had the numbers, I, I have to have. stool, stopped by a puzzled look on the focused face, standing in front of her tall, athletic build guy, in jeans and a red T-shirt.
“I explained to you in Russian that Maxim Petrovich is very busy and will not be able to receive you,” the secretary explained nervously, pointing the receptionist with a pencil.
– And you, nevertheless, report that his childhood friend, the leader of the Redskins, arrived, – the guy smiled sweetly in response.
The secretary frowned and leaned over the microphone: – Maxim Petrovich, then some “Red Leader” makes his way to you.
– Skip it.

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– immediately heard in response.
– Go too, – the secretary nodded at the door, stretching her legs so that between them a dark strip flashed fashionable thong.
Masha worked for the second year in this construction company, presenting unfinished apartments to fellow citizens.
But the fact is that, as people say, “There is no friend to the taste and color”, the citizens themselves expressed their desire to receive boxes without interior decoration, having decided to create it to their own taste and color.
In this particular fantasy, the female half of apartment owners differed, each of which was guided by the principle: “And I will have better than this stupid Nastka”.
This desire for beauty also intuitively migrated to the management of the company, where the female half fought for the title of “First Lady”.
And, as often happens, candidates for the post of secretary of the chief got the cutest little faces in very short mini-skirts.
But the chef was a connoisseur of female beauty, not only on external data, but more on the internal, which were located at each of the beauties somewhere deep between the legs.
Therefore, when selecting candidates for the position of secretary of the chief, the head of the company’s personnel department, a respectable man, about whom everyone spoke only good, then simply launched a skilful hand under the Machine and, without letting that one recover, taking her consent for confusion, he immediately said: “You come to us, darling. ”
“But I’m not settling for you, but at the reception of the boss,” the girl retorted, pulling her skirt up.
– Especially.
The chef will not have time to take off your accessories.
This, dear, you have to do yourself.
“But how do I know when he needs this?” – In the eyes, darling, in the eyes.
And the personnel officer was right.
At the first meeting with the chef, the girl noticed that his questions about her education, computer knowledge and other subtleties of the secretary’s work were purely formal, and while he asked them, Masha slowly, like in a strip club, first took off her blouse, then a bra, which she, having twisted above her head, threw directly at the portrait of the owner of the company hanging on the wall, and when the chief once again reminded her of the strict execution of all his instructions, she simply took off the melting, went to the table, laid on her breast, depicting the letter “G” and said softly: – I am ready, the chief to fulfill all your instructions, even those that I read in your eyes.
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