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But no one, of course, even knew close to her “cockroaches.”
We were good, in a sense, we loved each other and everyone knew it.
She gave birth, and was very worried that her pussy had widened.

But I liked when she sat down on top of me and told me how she had been fucked before, in what postures and how often, and how she now likes to fuck me; she liked to call me her master, she took it somehow literally.
Once through a dream I saw her sucking on my toes.
I also loved it when I asked how she would like her to be “used” (her favorite word).
She would be pleased, she would say if anyone from the company of those invited by me (!) Had laid down on her, or had fucked her in the mouth (sperm receiver – thought up a word!), Or put her on cancer and used her holes.
I asked how the men called the holes in women – she really liked the “working point”, the “hollow”, she wanted to be called a whore and a prostitute, she responded with pleasure! The condition that was fundamental for her was no one, no one could even touch her without receiving permission from me personally.
Well well! I was pleased to discuss with her how we would “treat” friends.

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When I asked if I could fuck her in the general line, she almost became indignant, “we are treating guests! You will have to after all!”.
I say – you will suck at me, and you will fuck from behind.
Straight upset! – since we invite guests, everything should be as expected, is not it? I already can take a maximum of only four at a time! Then you lie down on me after all, I understand, the cunt will be smashed, but we will insert a thicker vibrator into it, I love you so much, you know, do not be capricious, well! “Is anyone interested going on?
“Will you be an obedient girl?” She never, even in a dream, could have expected to hear such things from his mouth.
That which absolutely did not fit either with his waking behavior, or with the glances he threw at her, or with the fragments she spied on her life.
What is it: the opening of deeply repressed desires, the understanding that he is dealing only with the program, something else? She was breathing heavily, feeling his breath on her neck and gliding nervously about the patterns of the wall opposite the wall, she suddenly realized with chilling chill that it was true.
She will be an obedient girl.
Her serenely forested, such warm and such green eyes.
In her eyes, something barely perceptible shudders.
She is drawn into the silver-misty maelstrom of these bluish eyes.
– How strange.
– His voice seems to him to sound the most from afar.
– This is different – and at the same time the same.
Can a primitive program be curious? The chosen one smiles tightly.
– The same eyes.

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