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She sucked until I cum in her mouth.
Then we changed places: having removed the dress, she sat down on the sofa, and I was on the floor.
I slowly pulled off her panties, and before me appeared her pussy – hot, wet.

I began to lick her, then I dug my lips into the crotch, trying with my tongue to get inside Anna Evgenievna.
Soon she began to shudder from orgasm.

I moved higher, caressed her breasts again, then we started kissing again.
My dick was standing again.
Putting it to the teacher’s vagina, I gently inserted it, pulled it out, inserted it again, gradually accelerating.
Then we changed our position: she smeared the anus, and I started to fuck her right in the ass.
Anna Evgenievna moaned louder and louder.
Finally, I finished without pulling a member from the teacher’s backside.
Sperm began to run down her legs, and she collected her sperm with her fingers, then licked them.
We sat on the sofa, continuing to caress each other with our hands.
“Well,” she asked, smiling.
– How do you like a biology lesson? – Wonderful, Anna Evgenevna.
– Now we will always do this, don’t you mind? – Of course not.
– Well, you have got a member again.
– And Anna Evgenievna going down again began to suck him.

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arms – along the body.
– – Everything is tightened with strong straps.
It is impossible neither to move away, nor to bring together the knees, protecting the genitals from touching – in general, full access to the most intimate parts of my body.
I feel that this is about to begin.
I can’t interfere in any way because of complete immobility.
In addition, in front of my face, like a collar with a neckline, there is a thin metal protective screen that covers the most interesting things from me that are below my chin, but allowing me to see the ceiling and the part of the room where there are various devices about which I I can not even guess.
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