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Not afraid? Arkhip, looking at Cormorant, snorted contemptuously.
– He won’t say that.
And if, shit, say.

here you are to me, Sanya, say: have you heard such expressions addressed to salabons before? Type “fuck”, “put cancer.”
I heard? – Well, I heard.
– Here! Why did you not give such expressions such meaning before – did you not hear the literal meaning in them before? Come on Sanya, tell me! – Arkhip, looking at Cormorant, squinted slyly.
– You think the thing is that now I am.
that we are with you.
– That’s it! It’s all about that.
Stopudovo in this! That is, if the hose took my words in the toilet literally, then it is certainly no stranger to this topic.
and then I won’t be surprised if I see that by morning he hasn’t cleaned the urinals – he hasn’t completed my task.
– Arkhip, looking at Cormorant, laughed. Bigo live thai sex.

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