Bongacams 3.

Bongacams 3.
She squirmed on their members and very soon began to cum again.
Then one of them lay down on the floor, she sat cunt on his dick, and the second entered her ass.
They forcefully pushed their members into it.

She moaned and, as she could, waved them.
I also became a cancer and the director, taking out a vibrator from my ass, began to fuck me, strongly driving my dick in the ass.
His balls beat on my ass.
The guards left their spouse and approached us.
They took turns fucking my mouth.
My wife leaned over to my ass and put her mouth under the director’s member.
He took it out of my ass, and put it in his wife’s mouth.
Sucking a little, my wife again inserted a member of the director in my point.
The director began to fuck me even more.
Reaching the highest point, he quickly took out his penis from me and began to cum in his wife’s open mouth.
Her mouth was filled with sperm, but she could not swallow it.
After jerking off a member and squeezing everything up to the drop, the director wiped the head on his wife’s lips, and, exhausted, sat in a chair and watched the sequel.
One of the guards had already fucked me in the asshole and, looking at his wife’s open mouth with sperm, also quickly finished and poured all the sperm into her mouth.

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I brought the third to orgasm with my mouth, but he finished in the spouse’s mouth.
Wife with a mouth full of sperm closed her eyes and swallowed her.
Wiping his face with a napkin sat in a chair.
The guards got dressed and left.
The third act

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was to pass without them.
The third act. Having had a good rest and having drunk brandy, the director called me and my spouse to him.
We knelt down and sucked his cock together.
Lifting his legs, I began to lick his point.
Wife sucked dick.
Coming back to normal, the director became a cancer, I went to him in front and put my dick in his mouth.
He began to suck with pleasure.
Wife wearing a strap-on, went to the director from behind and spreading his buttocks, put in an artificial member in the director’s point.
He was in pain, but as soon as the strap-on head entered the anus, and the spouse began to move the pelvis, the pain passed and the director felt good.
He gradually began podmahivat when his wife pounded the whole strapon in his ass.
I fucked the director in the mouth.
Then we put the director on the table on his back.
His legs, I threw myself on the shoulders and put a member in his point.
The point was already well stretched, and my member easily entered all of it.
The director was already pleased to feel the dick in his ass, and he moaned softly with every thrust.
The wife squatted over his face and made him lick her ass, which the director began to do with pleasure.
Then we changed places with his wife.
Now she dug his point with a strap-on, and he licked my anus. Bongacams 3.

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