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Kondishn covered himself, and in the repair to give his hands do not reach.
– No, we will wait.
Let Tsapa first call back from the subway.

And what if she returns with the goods? Pasha mockingly snorted smoke from his nostrils.
– Mack, you are so small.
I immediately said – it’s kidalovo.
That’s all, our money is gone.
Let’s go catch them at the other pole.
Mack thoughtfully squeaked with the radio tuning buttons, choosing a station.
– Pash, she threw you – you would go yourself to understand.
She has not thrown me yet.
You asked me to help, so I must present too.
I am your friend, but.
Pasha suddenly laughed, exhaling smoke and interrupting Mack.
– What is it, Pash? “You can’t even show her yourself,” said Pasha, puffing himself up last and sending the butt out of the window.
– Money is mine.
I asked you to help, because she does not know you by sight.
And the Heron does not know either.
So, if you are so anxious, you can open the door right now and throw it to the fucking mother.
Actually, you are no longer needed.
Thanks for everything, you already helped me.
I will not forget, thank you.
– Why is your money? Once I took them, it means mine.
– Mack found a suitable radio station, “Nautilus Pompilius” played “If you drink with thieves.”
– You must understand, I do not loop around the situation, I just want everything to be clear.

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For me as well.
And come on without a fucking mother, huh? “By and large, this is not even my money,” said Pasha thoughtfully, “this is not money at all.”
Fuck of a color printer.
So she will have pitchforks on both sides.
But from the “other side” let them deal with it.
And we will do our work, okay? Mac, you cho ?.
Mack was silent.
“Okay, sorry for the fucking mother.”
Burst out simply.
I am really very angry.
Thank you, brother, rose early in the morning, helped.
I will help you too if need be.
I’m just angry at this bitch.
Do you understand? Very angry
You can’t do that to me.
“I see,” said Mac.
– Just let’s wait.
Suddenly come

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out? “Okay, let’s wait,” Pasha agreed, “Then let’s move off a couple of meters, you can’t stand here, you have to pereparkovat.”
Now I can still get the garbage, and I have eight grams under the rug.
Well fuck him here to stand.
Pasha started the car, and began to take it back from the sidewalk.
He turned the steering wheel, swung around, skipping a nimble pizza-picker on a scooter, moved forward.
Mack turned his head, looking through the glass for a red shirt near the descent to the subway.
“Burn, fool,” he thought: in this heat long sleeves.
until the first attentive ment in the subway.
Although, what only the girls do not wear – with a bare ass in the cold, with long sleeves in the heat.
“- Pash, why are you carrying pale yellow under the rug?” If they search, they will find it under the rug.
But they will not search – so in the glove compartment get closer.
“Habit is second nature, Mac.”
– Pasha also turned his head, looking for a free parking space.
The phone in the pocket of Mac gave a trill.
Mack caved in on the seat, pulled the phone out of his tight jeans.
– Yes.
What? Did you meet? – and, in a whisper, Pasha, – Turn off the radio, you can not hear them fucking.
– Back into the phone.
– Look look. Bongacams sexy di.

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