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While I was sucking, I didn’t even notice how the panties went down to my knees, and the hole was already greased and a thick instrument approached it.
But as soon as his head touched the ass and started to go in there, I immediately released the penis from the sharp pain.
I haven’t had such a fat one yet.

With my hands, I gripped Peter Sergeyevich’s hips so tightly that the fake nails almost fell off.
When I sucked Nikolai’s penis, it did not seem so huge to me.
All because of its thickness.
Here the head is already inside my hole, and the pain has only become stronger.
But this monster did not even think about stopping and going deeper.
I had to lean against the face of Peter Sergeevich and scream.
After I heard the words of Nicholas: “Great hollow, did you hurt you baby? I gritted my teeth and answered:“ Yes, he is very big.
Please slow down.
After my words, Nikolai slowly pulled his fighter out of my hole, giving me a break.
True rest did not last long.
Ass again began to expand under the pressure of a member of Nicholas.
This time the pain was quite tolerable and I just moaned softly.
When his stomach touched my buns, I realized that the penis is completely in me.
– Look, she no longer hurts.
– Nicholas said and began to take out a fighter back.
And now his monster is free again.
He took it in his hand and ran it several times between my buns.
Then he introduced him again and began to fuck me.
The movements were not fast and the ass gradually got used to this size.

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I had already begun to enjoy myself, as I felt a slap on the buttock, and then the phrase: – Continue to suck on baby.
Do not snooze.
At that moment I thought, “How can I suck, if in the ass such a huge member.
I want to moan and catch the buzz. ”
But then the thought came to me, “But sucking is also a thrill,”

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and my mouth wrapped around the penis.
With one hand, I took the testicles, and the second began to jerk a member of Peter Sergeevich.
The mouth moved to the beat of the hand, and the tongue made circular movements.
Meanwhile, the penis in my ass began to move faster, so that the buttocks felt the blows of eggs.
This time, instead of pain, I experienced great pleasure and again released the penis from my mouth.
Nikolai was sold in earnest.
He fucked me hard, introducing a member completely and taking out to the base of the head.
His hands tightened their hold on my waist, and characteristic slaps began to be heard around the room.
Peter Sergeevich, dissatisfied that they had forgotten about him, he took his dick himself and began to masturbate him.
The second hand, he grabbed my head and began to knock the head of the penis on my lips.
I had to take up the blowjob again.
This picture lasted about five minutes.
After Nikolay took out a penis and again slapping me in the ass said: – Come on pussy, now work yourself.
I again released the penis from my mouth and rose from my knees, not understanding what they wanted from me.
Until I heard the words of Peter Sergeevich: – Come to me, let’s sit on it.
At this time, he quickly pulled his penis and moved closer to the edge of the chair.
I turned my back on him, backed off a little, sat down and began to catch his ass with my ass.
Well, I was wearing high-heeled shoes, otherwise such a pose would create inconvenience.
Taking the head with the middle and index finger, I sent it into the hole.
And here is Peter Sergeyevich’s penis in me.
Now I myself set the sex pace.
My squats were slow at first, then a little faster and finally so fast that they began to get tired legs. Bongacams token hack password.

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