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I almost got the roof out of surprise! On the staircase battery, under the window, a young man of about eighteen was sitting and looked aloof into the void.
Another young man was kneeling in front of him, we didn’t see his face, but judging by his physique he was the same age as the first, and made loud smacking sounds.
At the sound of our footsteps, he turned around, and we saw how a rather small but worthy youthful member slipped out of his mouth.

Both of them stared at us in surprise, and we were just as surprised at them.
– Hey! Oleg said in a hoarse voice, “Yes, I know you!” You (he pointed to the one sitting on the battery) – Leshka from the fifth floor, and you (finger pointed at the blower on his knees) – Sasha from the next entrance! Bongacams tokens generator free.

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