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The groans of feminine voluptuousness have already filled the entire room, every movement of my tongue was accompanied by ahs and ohs of Polina.
With one hand, she pressed my head to her vulva, her buttock quickly moved in unison with my tongue, and Polina herself bent beautifully, exposing two protruding nipples to Natasha, still surrounded by a cloth of a stretched blouse.
Realizing that the girl was ripe for more serious entertainment, I pulled away from her crotch to send my excited phallus straight to the lair.

However, before I could do this, Polinochka shyly covered her dark thickets with a graceful little pen! She looked to me imploringly in the eyes: “Clement Viktorovich, please be careful!” After a moment, the thought that had overtaken me replaced the annoyance of an unexpected refusal: my God, is this beautiful student still a virgin ?! Oh, Polinochka, as far as she became dearer and more desirable to me at this moment! She never allowed any man to even touch the mysterious place between her legs, but now she offers me, her teacher, rejecting prejudices, plunging into the sweet abyss of her love! “Of course, Polinochka, I will be very careful!” – with tenderness in her voice I replied, and I kissed her encouragingly.
Polina looked inquiringly into my eyes and, after reading the confirmation of my words there, clumsily took my phallus in my right hand, twice passing it up and down.

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It was a green light.
I gently put the girl on his back and touched the open head of the member is still closed lips of her vagina.
I moved my head up and down, forcing my lips apart, as I used to do with my tongue.
Polina lay in as if in oblivion, languidly closing her eyes, and waited for the continuation.
After examining all the places of her external genital lips, I went directly to the entrance and lightly pressed my lips, slightly dipping the head of the penis by about half.
“- There was a satisfied exclamation of the girl.
She spread her legs even wider, bending them at the knees, giving me complete freedom.
I realized that the moment had come.
Hugging Polina with one hand, I pushed the other under her ass, my hand was instantly pressed down by two soft warm buttocks.
I squeezed the girl’s ass with my palm to better control the girl’s body.
We synchronously gained

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more air into our breasts, enjoying the contact of our nipples for a second, and I strongly pressed the head of an excited member at the entrance of Polina.
Bliss spread all over my body from this sweet pressure.
The girl screamed softly and tried to dodge, slightly moving her legs, but I pressed her ass to me and pressed even more strongly with a huge firm phallus, a bitch of desire.
A cry of pain and bliss rang out in the women’s dormitory, my legs instinctively pressed against my thighs and my burning member found itself in the arms of a narrow silk bosom.
A wave of excitement swept over me, as if I were driving a dagger into the student’s gentle sheath.
I began to rhythmically penetrate the vagina, then pounding the penis to the end, touching the pubis with the thick hair of the girl framing my phallus, then taking it out almost completely, so that Natasha could enjoy the sight of the head, reluctantly released by the pink flower of Pauline’s innocent labia. Bongacams vibrogim.

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