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Natasha sighed and squeezed them, smiling loudly.
– Do you like? She asked, looking over his shoulder.
Without answering, Paul looked at this sight – a half-naked, passionate young girl just a step away from him.

He wanted to prolong the pleasure of the situation and ordered: – Kneel on the bed.
Back to me.
Natasha gasped.
– Not! You can’t cope with me in bed! She pulled up her denim skirt even higher.
– How to cope.
Quickly, on the bed, on my knees! Paul almost cried out this order and heard through the noise in his ears (his heart was beating very often now): “Yes, sir! Natasha meekly knelt on the bed, spreading her legs, and stood in waiting for further orders.
– Now pull down the panties.
Said Paul.
His dick was ready to tear the fabric of jeans.
With a half-crazy smile, Natasha obeyed.
Her ass called Paul to her, but for some reason he hesitated.
– Start stroking yourself.
“I cannot believe that I am doing all this,” Natasha groaned, lying on her side, with her back to him.
She began to caress and stroke her current pussy.
Her fingers moved quickly and decisively.
Paul looked at it for about two minutes, until she started moaning quite loudly.
He got up and pulled off his clothes.
His long, fat cock stood absolutely ready for anything.
Natasha was lying on her side, closing her eyes and masturbating furiously.
– Now suck my dick, baby.
– with pleasure said Paul.
He watched as she stopped caressing herself, slowly got out of bed and walked over to him.
“Well, sit on the bed,” she whispered.

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Her eyes glowed.
Paul sat down on the edge of the bed and spread his legs wide.
Natasha dutifully knelt on the floor and grabbed his dying member with her hot pen.
– First lick it.
– Paul ordered.
He looked with a mixture of pleasure and some.
angry joy, as this beautiful, young girl began to diligently lick his cock.
She released the head and her tongue wandered around the head, along the trunk and along his testicles.
Paul said, grinning and breathing hard: – Now take it in your mouth.
Natasha obeyed his command.
Her sweet mouth opened and she began to suck standing member Paul.
She diligently moved her head up and down, in a sweet sensual rhythm, he felt her tongue and lips slide over the trunk.
She smacked and sucked him, closing her eyes.
Paul understood that if she continued like this, he would not last long.
“Come on, I want to fuck you from behind,” he said.
Natasha opened her eyes and looked at him.
Her mouth while continued to suck his dick.

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She let him out of her mouth and whispered: – As you wish.
– Every time you say you lick something! Said Paul.
He got out of bed, pushed her and pressed her against the wall.
Natasha put her ass and breast pressed against the wall.
Paul, without long prefaces, led his dick to her vagina from behind and abruptly entered it.
She was so wet that his body without any difficulty entered the whole depth.
Natasha screamed, and Paul began to fuck her from behind, quickly and deeply.
He received great pleasure and worked like some kind of car, trying to drive a member deeper and make this lustful bitch feel.
He squeezed her side and pushed his body back and forth, and she stood, clinging to the wall, and moaning.
It lasted about ten minutes – Paul was amazed at himself.
He thought he would end very soon, but his desire to make her feel who the boss was here was above his arousal.
He fucked and fucked her until she screamed, loud and desperate, and the walls of her vagina huddled around his victorious member.
Natasha limped slightly against the wall, and Paul, remembering their conversation, suddenly put his index finger on her anus.
– What are you doing? – gasping, asked Natasha, looking at him over her shoulder. Bongo flirt 888 sex live 0121.

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