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And no matter when and what happens.
In his heart, something angelicly pure was set on fire, as if he were no longer what he was before.
But back to Irina.

The devilish essence more and more gained the upper hand, it would be desirable to feel it in itself, to feel its powerful kisses again with every cell of the body.
His smell, he drove the girl crazy.
Musky, with a tinge of citrus smell, maybe it seemed to her, but he was something unearthly.
Dialing the number of her husband and lied to her that she is with a friend, Irina went into the shower.
At that time, our hero was already near his house and, opening the door, he felt incomparable excitement.

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It’s like graduation again and he is embarrassed to invite the most beautiful classmate violinist to dance.
But still, bracing himself, Alexey opened the door.
Hearing the sounds of pouring water from the bathroom, Alexey realized that Irina did not run away.
Then he turned around at the entrance and rushed headlong to the nearest store.
Meanwhile, in the shower, under hot streams of water, the girl thought for a long time, washing away her sin, about what she would say to her husband, how it would come true in his eyes.
But the devilish essence did not let her go, she demanded more and more caresses.
Irina did not notice how her hand reached for the lower abdomen.
But when she heard the sound of the door opening, Irina immediately dropped all thoughts of caresses.
Having washed off the remnants of foam, Irina jumped out of the bathroom door, but she heard only receding steps.
The girl diligently tried to find her clothes, it was not worthwhile to meet Alexei in a robe, but looking at the club outfit that was on her yesterday, she changed her mind.

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Having a little rummaged in stocks of our hero, she found a white men’s shirt.
Putting on her, Irina discovered a very unpleasant thing for herself – the shirt very tightly clasped her breasts and revealed all the secrets of an excited devil.
But it was too late to change anything, Irina heard the sound of a lock opening.
Our hero was already opening the door, when suddenly his heart pounded wildly and expressively.
They both froze, as if anticipating a storm that was preparing to erupt.
Throwing aside all doubts, Alexey, putting everything in the hallway that he had bought and, tightly closing the door, entered the room.
As soon as he saw Irina, he fell to his knees and, as if asking for forgiveness, said: “I beg you, do not leave, do not leave, I waited so long and I can not lose you now.”
Our heroes at this moment completely changed places – the devil Alexey left and evaporated, just as the angel of exemplary mother Irina left.
Irina, whispering faintly: “Well, stop, well, well.
“- stroked Alexey on the head and tried to find words.
But they were not found, they simply did not exist, because words in love are not necessary.
Rising from his knees and pressing her hands to himself, Alex gave her a gentle, passionate and sensual kiss.
They looked into each other’s eyes, and as if a spark slipped between them.
Without words, communicating only with half smiles, they poured martini into glasses.
Sitting on the couch, caressing each other, sipped martini.
It all began, as in the evening, and they already knew how this would end again.
Alexey began to kiss and caress Irina even more insistently, and she no longer wanted anything but that caress.
And she began to answer him.
Shirt could not withstand the pressure of the breasts, and Alexey broke it.
Irina literally pulled off his clothes.
Alexey no longer controlled himself.
He whispered in her ear passionate nonsense, and their bodies burned with passion, they mutually desired it.
Kisses went down lower, and hands played with her body.
Her nipples swelled with desire, and her breasts seemed filled with lead.
She stroked his head and gradually shifted it lower and lower. Cam live free sex.

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