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Classic configuration – two guys, “Jack” lying against each other! Hundreds of thousands of guys on all continents do this every minute – they suck each other at the same time, but.
by no means always these guys, thirsting for pleasure, are connected by love or friendship – but I am also a friendship – as it was with Dimka and Rasik.
D and M’s cock was just as salty, but this saltiness was just as weak and therefore for him, for Rasim, it was strange — pleasant — exciting — moving his head, Rasim rhythmically strung a rounded mouth onto a thick and long D and m trunk and Mr. Pipisa, while Dimka, moving his head, in the same way, stringed his rounded mouth on Rasim’s dick.

Of course, the guys who got used to such a thing as sucking a member would probably do it all more skillfully, because the possibilities of this type of sex are not limited to just sliding the lips along the trunks, but Dimka and Rasik did it – they sucked the pipis one from the other – everything only a second time in their lives, and because of inexperience they didn’t show any frills, moving their heads rhythmically, they pimpled each

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other with their lips, but.
Was this not enough? Palm slipping on Rasimov’s buttocks, Dimka in love was thrilled with bliss.
and just like D i m a, sliding my palm along Dimka’s buttocks, Rasik felt, felt, like not only his dick in hot D m and n o mouth, not only squeezed, tightly closed muscles of his sweetly itchy anus, but his lips are burning, burning with pleasure.

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elah-burns, how cool it was – how it was all kayfovo, delightfully good! – Rasik.
– tearing off the burning face from Rasimov’s groin, Dima slightly pulled back to see Rasim’s face.
– I’ll cum in your mouth.
or maybe you don’t want to? The sweetness that burned behind the tightly closed sphincter muscles was already noticeably concentrated, the funnel was reduced to an itchy point, matured, swollen, so that at any instant it exploded to turn into the sweetest orgasm, Dimka thought that it was necessary to ask Rasim whether you could finish – lower him, Rasik, in his mouth.
– I do not know.
– Rasim, just like Dimka, releasing his penis from his mouth – slightly moving aside, looked inquiringly at the happily sparkling eyes that were dumbfounded from Dimkin’s buzz.
– And you, Dima, like.
do you think yourself? – You, Rasik, cum in my mouth! – not for a second without thinking twice – not for a moment having doubted the sincerity of his desire, Dimka exhaled warmly, confidently – Well.
you me, Dima, too.
I also have to cum in my mouth, ”Rasim replied, but in his voice Dima felt — he caught — insecurity.
as if he, Rasim, had doubted the sincerity of the words he uttered.
– Rasik! If you do not want you, I will not be in my mouth.
I will pull the penis out of my mouth, and everything – in the mouth I will not let you down.
just tell me how you want.
well, that is, how you really want! – Dima, lower it.
cum in my mouth – I want it the way you want! – having rejected the doubt that had arisen for a moment, Rasim involuntarily, unexpectedly smiled for himself, because it was impossible not to smile at him, Rasim – the eyes of D and Ms, fixed on him, literally beamed with joy-jubilation.
and then: what was he actually afraid of? D i m is not afraid – not at all afraid, but he was scared.
funny – Well, Rasik.
as you say! – Dimka breathed hotly, again pressing his lips on the hot barrel of Rasimov member.
They snarled again – they moved their heads, stringing the members of each other, thirsting for their mouths. Desi sex play online.

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