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Recommendation: continued observation.
There is no reason to change the specifications of the belt

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Due to the possibility of other causes of overheating (See below), the owner needs to maintain a high security belt and regular monitoring.

3) Sexual Arousal.
The owner may be experiencing strong sexual arousal, on a regular basis.
Perhaps the Belt Master is able to stimulate arousal in the presence of a belt.
The most likely cause is breast stimulation.
The owner denies the fact of masturbation nipples.
Recommendation: Consider installing a “breast blocker” when it becomes available.
Owner notified of this possibility.
4) Increased body temperature.
The owner is a large woman (170 cm), a sporty type of figure (60 kg).
During the conversation, the Owner confirmed the fact of increased perspiration.
Recommendation: Do not wear underwear (except the bra), wear loose skirts, excluding pants. ”
Miss Jay continued to fill out the report.
Description of the owner.
Miss Houlton is an attractive woman of twenty-one.
He has been in the chastity belt for two months now, and gives the impression of being completely adapted to wearing the belt.
Miss Houlton normally perceives the terms and conditions of her contract, and I predict a trouble-free three-year period of wearing a belt.
She responds adequately to commands, is pleasant in communication.
Her attitude to her belt seems quite positive, although there are some early signs of unethical behavior that need careful monitoring and prevention.
Sexual arousal is very common in her daily life, especially in connection with the prospects for entering the university, and a set of measures has to be defined to limit the negative impact of the external environment.

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Possible measures: installation of the thoracic blocker, elimination of uncontrolled arousal.
It seems to me that Anna will benefit from the implementation of these recommendations, especially given her attitude to the true spirit and meaning of the concept of chastity professed by the Company.
In addition to the proposed practical measures, it is proposed to improve the attitude of the Trust towards its obligations under the Contract.
Objectives: 1) Eradication of the tendency to self-excitation.
2) Improving personal hygiene.
3) Wet shaving the vaginal area at every examination.
Miss Jay finished writing.
“Okay, that’s it.
Just a few more points.
As your mentor, my responsibilities include not only checking the status of your chastity belt.
My powers extend to the most diverse areas of your life today: for example, your health; Your behavior; Your attitude to your responsibilities in the field of chastity; and, finally, on the most important area – self-discipline. ”
Anna shuddered.
It was so strange to hear from this girl, with whom they were separated for only a few years, the mention of discipline.
“You have behaved well today,” continued Miss Jay, “and at this point in your case there are practically no problems with discipline.
Nevertheless, I have all the necessary powers to monitor your discipline, and, if necessary, train in you the necessary skills.
And I will not hesitate for a second to use my powers.
Is that clear? “Anna hesitated:” I don’t quite understand.
Miss Jay, what do you mean by coaching? Miss Jay explained.
“Everything is very simple.
From today, you do what I tell you.
If you do not do this or do wrong, I punish you. ”
Anna was shocked: “Punishing me? How.
how? ”“ There are many ways, ”Miss Jay explained in her everyday tone,“ many ways, some of which, I am sure, you will sooner or later meet.
On the path of chastity that you have chosen – rarely anyone can avoid disciplinary action.
I can give verbal warnings to you.
I can give you assignments — for example, prepare a written work.
essay and so on, on your relationship to chastity.
From me, by and large, imposes the imposition of such a serious punishment as an increase in the duration of your contract for wearing a belt. I can change the specification of your belt in such a way that it becomes MUCH less comfortable to wear.
Now you understand? “Anna again experienced a slight dizziness:” I
I understood everything. “And finally,” Miss Jay straightened up and looked at her with ill-concealed triumph in her eyes, “I can punish you physically. Ebony live sex web cam.

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