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After an hour and a half, dressed, filled with perfume, plastered with lipstick and varnish, Sanka and Marka stood in the doorway, and Dusya fussed around, trying to grab four bags of essentials: So, they took mobile phones? Deziki ?.
What? Mark, you decided to groan the whole ball, right? Quickly look for a dog.
what? And how do I know where! Where she threw, there and.

Nope Well, then you stink.
Sanka, give her yours, okay? Not bliine, but – clear ?! Well.
Katka stood nearby, rubbing her

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Katyunchik, wish us victory! Smack-smack! Sanka and Marka in turn broke up with Katka.
Then Dusya leaned over to her, pecked her on the forehead and said: Well, with God, as they say, damn it.
Girls, run to the car !.
Katyusha, you do not overdo it just, okay? Do not immediately clean up, first rest, okay? Well, that’s it.
What else? Oh, okay.
All right, come on, bye! Girls!
– came from the corridor.
Slammed the door.
Katka stood motionless for some time, then turned and walked into a room littered with rags and rubbish.
She sat down at the computer and turned it on without knowing why.
The desktop was loaded with Jack Sparrow – but Katka went limp on the back of the chair and did not move, looking straight ahead.
Then she closed her eyes.
Students of grades 9-11 in St. Petersburg schools were invited to participate in it.
Participation was voluntary and, of course, very, very paid.
Ball PR in the network and on TV for a month.
He was presented as an unofficial, non-corrupt alternative to Miss St. Petersburg-2013: participants could not be models, could not be in any way connected with the podium, show business and other beauty industry.
They were supposed to be “simple St. Petersburg schoolgirls,” without gloss, without gloss and tinsel, “pure charm of youth multiplied by the super drive of the white nights,” as Hey put it.

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Chuchmekov, general producer of the ball.
All participants of the ball were to have a parade on stage, then several waltz tours and a buffet table, where they should have shown good manners.
The Queen of the Ball, the one and only, was rewarded with the Golden Crown, and various prospects opened up before her: from a career in the world of glamor to the filming of a new film with Dima.
Sanka and Marka, recognized beauties of their school, seriously counted on victory.
Katka’s participation was not even discussed – neither Dusey, nor the sisters, nor herself.
Katka was a crater, botanca and officially recognized frigid board.
At seventeen, she dressed in a dull unisex, wore shafts, never painted, did not do anything with hair, putting them in girl’s tails, and did not show her femininity at all.
She was an excellent pupil, won at all competitions, loved poems, drew, was sarcastic, silently closed, communicated exclusively in the network, and in the family she was treated as shifted.
Her father died long ago.
Dusya was her stepmother and terribly proud that she did not regret anything for her stepdaughter.
And in fact: she identified her to an elite school, fed her with expensive cakes, bought her equipment, sports equipment and any book she asked for.
Sanka and Marka personified another expendable article: they bought brunettes, model rags, stilettos shoes and cosmetics.
Katka was full, seemed to have everything she needed, and Dusya believed that her maternal conscience was clear.
Opening her eyes, Katka stared at Sparrow’s tinted physiognomy for some time, then opened Mozilla and entered one of her blogs, which led on behalf of the mysterious beauty Adele.
The blog was popular, reinforced by the “self portraits” that Adel-Katka had discovered online.
After reviewing the comments absently, Katka began to write the answer – but, without adding, she suddenly opened Yandex and scored a “school ball”.
For ten minutes she studied the site of the ball.
Now, when no one saw her, she could afford it.
Then she cleared the magazine, got up, examined the srach around her, muttered “.
in the ass “and looked out the window.
For a minute or two she looked at the yellow sky, at the thick sunset shadows, at the thick air, trembling from the heat, then grabbed her favorite little book of Blok, put it in her pocket – and jumped out of the apartment.
Dung broke, like an abscess, and the city covered with lead streams, beating backhand and in the neck.
The downpour was mischievous and merciless; people screamed, hid under all sheds and jumped, squished, spanked along the muddy rivers, under which Nevsky instantly disappeared.
Shocked Katka squealed and shivered with everyone. Free online movies of sex.

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