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Then we finally met and exchanged phone numbers.
Andrei (as he was called) paid for his underwear and said that it was a gift from him.
Marishka came out confused, but very pleased.

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I quickly threw off everything and handed the fotik to the World.
Needless to say, from such erotic pictures, my fighter stood with his head held high.
I stood next to Helen and the world took a few shots.
Christie joined us, she took my hand over the end and pressed her thigh against me.
I think that turned out great.
We changed positions several times and Mira tirelessly shot us.
Then she said – I also want, take somebody.
And Christie left us, taking the machine.
Now Mira was cuddling up to me, together with Helen and I with pleasure embraced them and examined a new body with my hand.

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But Mira happily framed herself for affection.
– Namazh me cream, she said, but I’m afraid that I will burn.
She went to her purse and took out a bottle.
We sat with her on the pillows lying in the middle of the boat.
Mira sat on them, putting her legs forward, and I, sitting down on my back, stretched my own along it and poured some liquid on my hands.
The cream was rather unusual for me, not white as milk, but rather transparent and glistened when applied.
I ran my hands over Mira’s neck, which she gracefully arched, walked over my back, stretched my arms forward and began to rub the cream in my chest.
At the same time, Christie did not cease to shoot us, and Helen located at the feet of Mira and began to spread her legs, gradually climbing higher.
I squeezed tits and with some regret moved on.

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I smeared her tummy and went down below, here are my hands that went through the crotch of Myra and there they met Helen’s hands, which already spread Mira’s hips and pussy.
Mira leaned back on me and let us caress her.
Helen and I, in two hands, rather vigorously carried out the lips and the mouth of Myra, causing her heartfelt sighs.
It was evident that Mira was pretty excited, she stroked my legs and tried to find my end, which rested against her back.
“Get up,” Helen said.
Mira rose and stood between us.
We continued to lubricate her legs and ass, to which it was not reach when she sat.
The world was quite excitingly glistening from the smeared cream, besides, he gave her a slightly dark shade, enhancing her tan.
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