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Masha didn’t answer anything, only sobbed softly.
Tears from the girl’s eyes flowed like a thin stream on a pillow lying on the bed.
Dasha suddenly felt very sorry for her sister.

“Masha, well, you must understand, I’m not giving you an enema for this to hurt you! Just somehow you need to free you from what’s in your stomach! You yourself are to blame for the fact that you are hurt because you resist.
I told you – lie still, then it won’t hurt! “, She diligently explained, but Masha did not listen to her.
“Let me go to the pot! I really want to crap!” She suddenly screamed.
“Wait, Masha, a couple more minutes! It is necessary that the water completely softens the kaku in your intestines.
Then you prokakaeshsya quickly and completely! “, Persuaded her Dasha.
“But I can not.
my stomach hurts! “, Masha whined.
“Take a deep breath through your mouth, and then slowly exhale and the pain subsides!” Her sister replied.
Once again, Masha obeyed her and, indeed, she felt better.
After some time, Dasha let go of her sister’s buttocks and she instantly jumped out of bed and crashed into the pot. Free online sex chat bot.

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