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Harry could not even imagine that Roni was able to arrange such a qualitative analysis.
He didn’t just have to think, he had to make excuses in front of this redhead, that he and Gini are all serious.
No, well, naturally seriously, Harry did not want to deal with anyone as seriously and as much as he did with his sister Ron.

Gini didn’t let down then, she picked up Harry’s idea about the relationship and Ron, not without the help of Hermione who came to the rescue, calmed down, although it was obvious that he continued to boil inside.
As soon as Ron and Hermione disappeared into the house, Gini decided to celebrate the release of brotherly undue attention with morning quick sex.
Harry, for the first time that morning, he admitted to himself that he really had a real relationship with this girl, she understood him, she sympathized with him, she did not just want him, she desired him.
This awareness gave Harry such strength that the proposed fast sex lasted for half an hour, during which Gini announced the neighborhood three times with her cry, and the fourth Harry managed to cover him with a member, releasing himself into Gini’s grateful mouth.

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It was in this status that they appeared at Hogwarts.
To say that the news that Harry had a regular girl was number one news, plus black number one news for the girl group of female students, to say nothing.
Harry was strewn with a love potion, confession cards, and so on.

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However, he was a grated guy and all the machinations of his fans passed.
Gini was harder, it came to fights.
So Harry had to drag his girlfriend in a duel question, there wasn’t enough yet any girl to spoil such a body! In general, the sixth course seemed to Harry rather trouble-free.
Yes, Volan de Mort was hanging around somewhere and the problem with him would have to be solved, Harry knew that he had a special role in this game, he was ready for it.
But Harry was at Hogwarts, there was a whole academic year ahead, promising a lot of love affairs.
Not that Gini wouldn’t suit him, everything was great with her, in his heart Harry had already decided that it was with this girl that he would connect his future.
It was a different matter, while they were young, while they were within the walls of this castle, he wanted to squeeze everything he could.
Then they will think about families, children, responsibilities.
Harry helped oddly enough science, but rather potion cooking.
Since he did not buy the book for this subject, the old man Slynnorth gave him a textbook from the old storekeepers.
Harry was initially upset with a terribly disheveled textbook, but literally a few days later he realized what treasure he had in his hands.
The former owner knew a lot about magic. Hairy web camera russian sex.

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