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El was thinking about such a betrayal of his own palms, but Chris gently pulled her onto the sand, and his hand slipped under the girl’s leather jacket, stroking his tummy and clearly aiming higher.
El wanted to shove this insolent with their feet – what was happening now was more like rape – she did not give consent! But instead, for some reason, she decided that it would be better to slip the tongue through her teeth to break into the man’s mouth and help her to get rid of his shirt.
Has he spelled her? She did not want to! Quite quite.

Well, maybe a little bit.
but in any case, not to such an extent that falls under the almost unknown man! But instead of resistance, she only fumbled with the handles over the warrior’s body, and for some reason only “Sand in her hair would turn in her head.
“But even that did not stop her.
And Chris, finally, coped with all the fasteners on the jacket elf and exposed beautiful breasts with defiantly protruding nipples.
El sighed slightly – a small cool breeze touched her.
But the sensation of coolness was immediately replaced by warm touches, and then a hot, wet kiss on the left nipple.
El sobbed slightly and hugged the man by the head, pulling harder to her.
The second handle, she slipped her belt, touching pussy.
How wet there! She began to stroke herself slightly, but then with the back of her hand, the girl felt something else.

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Her pen quickly pulled out of his pants and lay down on Chris’s groin, carefully feeling what was hidden behind the fabric of his pants.
Momma, what is she doing! Not only is she never yet.
so also with a stranger! And at the same time, he completely shamelessly feels him, appreciating the strength concealed in the man’s pants.
El twitched, determined to stop the madness, but she was late.
Chris, excited by the light touch of a graceful handle, pulled away from the chest of the elf and yanked off her remnants of clothing.
Without stopping, in order to free himself from the clothes, he slightly let his pants down and spread the thin legs of the elf to the sides.
She twitched even more, realizing that nothing could be done: No! Stay.
! – But the inflamed man did not listen to her.
He gently squeezed the kicking elf under him and entered it into it with one sharp movement, feeling how the slightly resisting film torn under his pressure and froze, feeling the pleasant warmth of the narrow cavern.
So you’re still a virgin.
was? He asked, looking into the pale face of a frightened elf.
Her ears are scared.
slightly pressed to the head, and in the corner of the eye there was a teardrop.
She nodded.
Chris froze, unable to say anything.
Instead, he pressed his lips back to El, kissing her with all the tenderness he was capable of.
And he noted with joy that she kisses him back.
After giving her time to get

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used to it, he began to slowly move into the close vagina.
El was breathing heavily.
The sharp pain that had pierced her was gone, leaving instead a pleasant feeling of fullness.
Now it seemed to her that all her life she had lacked this amazing warm organ that was pushing her walls apart.
And this pleasant feeling of heaviness, exciting all her body. Hard sex webcam.

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