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After playing a little more with pussy and calf, Kostya began to get down to business with the sweet business.
At first, gradually.
And then faster and faster, Kostya’s dick penetrated me.

I was lying on my back.
He was on top.
He controlled the whole process.
And I could only surrender to his full disposal.
It seemed to me a dream.
This simply could not be in Java.
The brightest and the most intimate fantasy came to life, in these moments.
In the midst of sex, I finished.
I was pierced by the first in my life orgasm.
Kostya felt it accelerated even more.
A couple of minutes and he finished on the floor.
For a couple more moments, we were one.
I first came to my senses: – What have we done?
We shouldn’t have.
If someone finds out, no one will understand us – I said, scared.
– No one will know and you know it was the most beautiful feeling in the world to have sex with the man you love the most in the world it was unforgettable – I do not believe that it happens – It means that it will be only our secret – I also want it too.
More details:
My name is Olya and I will tell you a story that happened to me on February 14th.
On the

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13th, on Friday, my friends and I went to visit Tanya.
Her parents went on vacation leaving her magnificent apartments with a home cinema, a huge bar and a pair of jacuzzis.
The whole evening with the girls we drank wine and watched various films, including erotic ones.
True, the company we have chosen is cultural, and looking at the erotica we could only afford to laugh.

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Unfortunately, at the end of the evening, parents came to Masha and Katya, and Tanya and I were left alone.
I agreed to spend the night with her.
Tanya lent me her silk robe.
Having a shower, we fell on a huge bed in front of the wide screen, watched some kind of movie and fell asleep.
Silk pleasantly cooled the skin and excited.
I woke up breathing heavily and squeezing my hips with the hem of a blanket that I pulled off Tanya.
In the moonlight, penetrating into the bedroom through a huge window, I carefully considered the magnificent body of a friend.
Her elastic breasts were clearly visible to me.
The fact that Tanya is not shy to sleep naked in the same bed with me calmed me down a bit.
I took off my robe and threw it out of bed.
Turning over on my stomach to snuggle up closer to the silk sheets, I fell asleep again.
How many times I finished in a dream, I do not know.
– Ol, get up, it’s morning! – Tanya, wearing shorts and a tight top, gently shook me by the shoulder.
My head was heavy after drinking wine yesterday.
Barely opening my eyes, I discovered that I was lying in front of my friend completely naked, and even with my legs spread wide.
Tanya could consider my clean-shaven pussy, shameless lips and.
dried traces of grease, said that in a dream, I pretty flowed.
“Did she caress me?” – I thought, remembering the dream that I had before this dream.
Embarrassed by my position, I got out of bed and put on a robe, which lay in the same place where I threw it.
– Can I take a shower? – I asked Tanya.
– Of course.
There are still disposable toothbrushes.
Make yourself at home! Caressing myself under the shower, I thought that a friend was probably waiting for me for breakfast.
Having brushed my teeth and put on a dressing gown on my naked body (I did not have time to take other clothes with me to the bathroom) I went out and went to the kitchen.
Entering the kitchen first thing I went to a jug of water to quench my thirst.
After drinking half a liter of water and spilling a few drops on my chest, I finally turned around and found that in addition to Tanya, who cooed with scrambled eggs at the stove, there was still a young man in the kitchen. Hidden spy camera sex video.

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