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This meant that the cave was obviously not so simple, it was all as if saturated with magic.
“Far from the path, dear.”
– the voice said this phrase on the general with a clear accent, but Astra could not catch how.

Without hesitating for a second, the adventurer squeezed her eyes and threw the already prepared exploding stone in the direction of the drow.
A dazzling flash burned even her eyes covered with eyelids.
A moment later, she flung them open, and looked at the figure in the far corner more closely.
The residual glow of the stone was enough to see that this female drow was completely naked.
Her snow-white hair falling on her shoulders, her obsidian skin, dark as a moonless night.
except for two halos nipples on the chest, resembling a pair of oranges in shape, there it was somewhat lighter.
and her bright purple eyes.
Purple eyes that should be blood red.
The eyes of a blind drow.
– Damn it.
– whispered Astra and snatched the wand with the “ice cone”, but did not have time to do anything – the spell of sleep had an effect almost instantly.
There is no problem for a drow mage to find any enchantment that allows him to do without sight.
Astra regained consciousness and realized that she could not move.
She was lying on some platform, and her feet and wrists were constrained by a translucent haze.

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“We must try to dispel the magic” – she thought, and realized that right next to her face are five or six demons.
Small creatures about half a meter tall with small leathery wings that look like bat wings.
Like the drow, they did not wear clothes, and Astra clearly saw their raised limbs, one and a half feet long.
Compared to their small, puny bodies, they seemed enormous.
Astra tried to cast a spell, but met her eyes with one of the demons and immediately realized that it was a mistake.
Congenital demon magic is eye contact magic.
Now, no matter how she tried, she could not say something without the permission of this demon.
A moment later, she could not say anything, even if he broke the contact.
Bes, without thinking twice, occupied her mouth with his dick, and the sorceress had no choice but to start sucking him with the tongue sticking out.
At this time, two other imps took up her

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breast closely.
Their forked snake tongues fluttered through it with incredible speed and skill.
After a short while, Astra could no longer hold back and moaned straight with a member in her mouth.
A small shiver passed through the demon, and demonic sperm splashed into Astra’s mouth.
Almost instantly, a real waterfall began in her bosom.
The sorceress had never experienced such a strong excitement, and that part of her that could still think soberly, understood that an incredibly strong aphrodisiac is in the seed.
“Looks like you’re ready,” the drow cooed.
She was still completely exposed, and her obsidian skin gleamed in the candlelight.
A few short, ragged phrases — it looks like she was casting a spell — a few hand passes, and after a moment a huge black phallus began to grow.
To this Astra was clearly not ready.
At least in consciousness, in body, she was ready and how.
As soon as she saw that the drow was approaching her, shaking her hips, Astra began to twitch her ass slightly in her direction. Hollywood sex wars online.

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